Lead Workshop



In these days and time where the World is gradually is moving towards a “ BOUNDARY LESS WORLD” Today Mankind is at a juncture where New Age Technological Advancements are driving the Human Race into uncharted territories, the Academia and the Intelligentsia at PIET have decided to spread awareness about the path breaking and the Transformative Concept of  “ENTERPRISE 4.0”. The Team at PIET in conjunction with the Nation’s leading Technocrats, Educators and Industry Experts have decided to conduct a series of Knowledge Dissemination Sessions titled the “LEAD” (Learn, Engage, Assimilate and Develop) Workshops.

These Sessions are being organized not only for the Student Community but also the Academia and the Society at large. The objective of reaching out to the mentioned community is that the message about the Transformative change is propagated by the “PROPELLOR HEADS” of the Nation to one and all. At PIET we believe, this process of spreading knowledge and creating awareness about the Tectonic shift in the world of Technology and Management the role of one and all involved in the Academic, Technical, Corporate and Intellectual Space is of paramount importance. These sessions encompass the following aspects

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Internet of Things
  • Block Chain
  • Virtual Reality/Mixed Reality/Augmented Reality
  • Robotics

The First “LEAD” Workshop was held at the PIET Campus on the 28th and 29th June 2019 and was widely attended by the Student as well as Academic Fraternity from across the Indian Sub-Continent To know more about the next “LEAD” WORKSHOP and the Itinerary of the Workshop in your City keep following this space.