Entrepreneurship Development Cell (Seedling)

ED Cell – Seedling lending hands to new ideas

In a country like India, where there is still a huge potential for new businesses to flourish, thanks to the heterogeneous nature of its society, culture, economy and demography, becoming an entrepreneur should be a natural choice for any young Graduate/ Post-Graduate fresher. The current Prime Minister of India, Sh. Narendra Modi has also provided impetus to the entrepreneurial activity in the country through launching of the ‘Startup India’ scheme which provides a host of benefits and removes a lot of entry barriers for a fresh startup. Due to the emerging scenario of Entrepreneurs, Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology (PIET) launched its Entrepreneurship Development (ED) cell named “Seedling” after having taken numerous initiatives in this direction over the past years. The Cell was inaugurated by  Sh. Chander Shekhar Khare – IAS, Deputy Commissioner Panipat, Haryana and Sh. Tirlok Gupta, Assistant Director, Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) on 9th June 2016 in the Institute premises.

Starting of new ventures by young entrepreneurs is the best strategy to combat the economic slowdown being currently faced by the entire world. Keeping this in mind, the Chairman of ED Cell, Dr Saurabh Garg , initiated numerous activities to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship amongst its students, over the past year.

After the start of “Seedling”, the activities of the Cell on this front have further gathered steam which has resulted in a number of activities/initiatives which are in pipeline over the coming year. Some of these include:

  • Guest Lectures: The ED cell plans to increase the frequency of guest lectures from successful entrepreneurs in the college so that students get a hands-on account of the challenges faced by an entrepreneur and means to overcome them.
  • Alumni Jab: The Cell plans to organize an ‘Alumni Jab’ where alumni of the institute who have already turned entrepreneurs would be invited to share their knowledge and experience with the current students.
  • Start-up Fair: The ED cell will organize a ‘Start-up Fair’ at the college premises where budding student entrepreneurs of the college and nearby colleges will have the opportunity to rub shoulders with industry experts, researchers, mentors and entrepreneurs.
  • Entrepreneurship Wakefulness Drive (EWD): The members of the ED cell will conduct an EWD within all departments of the institute so as to make the students aware on the importance and immense benefits which can be reaped by starting their own venture and the various efforts and initiatives undertaken by the Government of India to promote start-ups. They will also be encouraged to form inter-disciplinary teams so that their varied skill-sets can play a complimentary role in staring a new business venture.
  • Knowledge Camp: The ED cell will open a knowledge camp within the institute where books, articles, research papers, CDs, presentations, videos, e-journals and expert advice would be made available to the students who look towards entrepreneurship as a career choice after completing their studies.
  • The ED cell would lend hands to innovative ideas through:
    • Funding: It would arrange for provision of seed capital and bank loans to promising projects by tying up Venture Capitalist (VC) firms and leading banks.
    • Mentoring: The cell would provide mentoring from industry experts, bankers, officials from MSME and successful entrepreneurs to budding start-ups.
    • Organizing competitions on innovation and creativity: Considering the fact that new business ventures that run on fresh ideas and an innovative approach have a greater likelihood for success, such competitions would do a lot to develop out-of-the-box thinking among the students.

Dr. Saurabh Garg
Chairman – ED Cell (Seedling),
Department of Management Studies (MBA), PIET

Workshops/seminars conducted on Entrepreneurship, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and Research Methodology

Seminar Conducted on Entrepreneurship
2014-15 Seminar on Entrepreneurship
2014-15 Seminar on Entrepreneurship for Mechanical Engineers
2014-15 Seminar on Innovations in Printing and Other Textile Machinery
2014-15 Workshop on Scalable Startups and Entrepreneurship
2016-17 Seminar on Entrepreneurship-Business Plan and Project Report Preparation
2016-17 Seminar on Entrepreneurship
2016-17 Seminar on Business Analytics
2016-17 Seminar on Export procedures for Entrepreneurs
2016-17 Seminar on Entrepreneurship
2016-17 Short-term course on Entrepreneurship and Business Incubation using Blue Ocean Strategies
2016-17 Seminar on How to become a Tech-savy Entrepreneur
2016-17 Three days Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp
2016-17 FDP on Entrepreneurship
2018-19 Three day Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp
2018-19 Seminar on Entrepreneurship opportunities and challenges
2018-19 Workshop on Entrepreneurship Development through Incubation and Innovation
2018-19 Seminar on Entrepreneurship and Business Development
2018-19 Seminar on Entrepreneurship
2018-19 Seminar on Entrepreneurship for Techies
2019-20 Seminar and Panel discussion on “Funding challenges and opportunities for MSMEs in Haryana
Seminar Conducted on IPR
2015-16 Seminar on protection of Intellectual Property Rights – Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights and Trade secrets
2015-16 One-day Workshop on IPR and Patent filing through ICT
2016-17 One day workshop on IPR
2017-18 Workshop on Entrepreneurship Start-Ups and IPR Issues
2017-18 One-day Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights
2018-19 Seminar on Entrepreneurship, IPR and Start-ups
2018-19 Webinar on – Talk on IPR
Seminar Conducted on Research Methodology
2014-15 Seminar on Research Methodology
2015-16 One day workshop on Research Methodology
2015-16 Short Term Course on Research Methodology through ICT
2016-17 Seminar on Research Methodology
2018-19 One-day Workshop on Pathway to Statistical Analysis (Research Methodology)