Webinar on “Pattern of Chinese Investment in India”

Chinese investments are deep-rooted in the Indian economy with $6.2 billion of investment spread over various sectors, including online food delivery cab booking, digital payments, entertainment, telecommunication, construction etc. In 2019 alone, Chinese companies invested heavily in Indian unicorns like Bigbasket, Zomato, Byju’s Flipkart, Make my trip, Paytm, Policy Bazaar, Swiggy etc.

In order to have a deep understanding of Chinese investments in Indian Economy and to assess the implications, the Department of Management Studies, PIET organized the webinar on ‘Pattern of Chinese investment in India by Prof.(Dr.) Suresh Kumar Bedi. Prof. Bedi is an eminent scholar and Management thought leader.

The expert told that Chinese products are consumed heavily in Indian households and it is creating massive trade imbalance between India and China on one side and other side it is also destroying Indian small medium enterprises which are key source of employment for vast population of India. Time to time government authorities emphasis that we have to become self-reliant to become a developed country in order to uplift large number of people from the clutches of poverty. Here self-reliant doesn’t indicate isolation from rest of the world instead promoting domestic manufacturing and further reducing dependence on imported goods and services. Improving in-house manufacturing not only help to save precious forex reserve but will bring so many other benefits in disguise such as improvement of living standard of people by creating large scale employment opportunities.

More than 100 participants including teachers, students benefitted from the session and get to know some interesting facts related to Chinese investment in India. During the query session, participants cleared their doubts related to ways to reduce dependence on Chinese products while promoting indigenously manufactured items.

Dr Akhilesh Kumar Mishra, HOD, Department of Management Studies thanked the expert and audience with great applause.

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