Top Civil Engineering Colleges in Haryana

Bridges are the story tellers of civilisations as the word civilisation contains ‘civil ‘engineering. The oldest of civilisation were built by civil engineers who conducted architect studies, earthquake prone zones, shaped buildings in accordance with the help of a deep mathematical study. Civil engineering also involves maximum part of man management as lot many of them are involved in raising a building or designing a tunnel. It is more of an experimental engineering which provides wider learning opportunities as the projects are carried at the expense of the proprietors. It is that field of engineering where many of the previous experiments can be tried, tested and applied. Care needs to be taken to study the water effects for which many rules could apply still leaving a space for disenchantment.

Around Delhi NCR one prominent name is the PANIPAT INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY (PIET), the top Civil Engineering College in Haryana, which is approved by AICTE. This institute has its affiliation to Kurukshetra University, Kurukashetra, which too is in the top ten universities of India. This institute is located on NH1 and hence is easy to reach from any place. It’s ideal situation also caters to the needs of the village aspirants by covering all places with the help of a very efficient transport system.

While this vast campus over 19 acres is well known for a world class infrastructure which lures the students but it is better famous for student exchange programs with the universities of Singapore, USA, UK, Germany, Sweden, Holland etc. and a campus where companies like Microsoft, Wipro, Unisys, Virtusa, NIIT, JSW, IBM, L&T, Infosys, HCL, SAPLABS, NEC Technologies, Cummins India, UST Global, Flipkart, Amazon, Arvind Ltd., Vardhman, Trident, Indian Navy, Hitachi, Indian Army, Mphasis and many more visit year by year to fulfill their employment needs. It is also a liking of the students being colleges which have been repeatedly awarded for Academic Excellence, Best Placement, and Best Engineering College IN NORTH INDIA.

While the campus is beautifully planned in an eco-friendly way, the interiors are air-conditioned. There is everything that a student needs e.g. mess, cafeterias, hostels for boys and girls, 20 computer labs, 28 science labs and workshops, an amphitheater where students get opportunities to exhibit their skills, Net-cafe and Wi-Fi etc. They are also provided guest lectures from experts, taken out for land surveys exposing them to all kinds of geographic areas, which in fact is the most essential element of civil engineering.

PANIPAT INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY (PIET) is the top Civil Engineering College in Haryana where interactive sessions are conducted for a fuller development of skills to make the technocrats capable of facing global challenges.

Civil Engineering Colleges in Haryana
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