The Job Interview: Breaking the First Barrier of Corporate

According to research, over 50% of recruiters and employers state that it takes an average of three interviews before a candidate will receive an offer. Mock interviews provide candidates with an opportunity to test out their job interview skills with someone who isn’t evaluating them for an actual job. A mock interview is a simulation of a job interview that is undertaken in order to train the interviewee for the real thing. The mock seeks to replicate the conditions of the real experience as closely as possible.
To make students industry ready, Department of Management studies conducted a mock interview session for MBA students. The purpose was to gauge how the interviewee would react in situations that may arise. It also emphasized on a way to pre-empt any issues that may come up. Mock interviews are a great way to improve your odds of landing a job quickly. Nailing your interview technique before walking into the first meeting with your potential employers can really boost your chances of success.

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