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R&D Cell Overview

The Research and Development (R & D) cell promotes research activities among the students and staff from all the programs. It primarily centres on building multidisciplinary research groups having networking with researchers worldwide and promote collaborative research activities. Creation of advance research area and promotion of joint publication through such collaborations is another sequel in the research culture. It likewise also intends to assist with upgrading the capacity of researchers through support in national and international conferences, seminars, workshops, projects and so forth.

R&D Cell Members

  • Dr. Anju Gandhi, Professor Incharge, CSE-ET
  • Dr. Sumit Rana, CSE
  • Mr. Rajeev Dhanda, ECE
  • Dr. Neeraj Gupta, IT
  • Dr. Anju, MBA
  • Dr. Pinky, ASH
  • Dr. Vishal Dabra, ME
  • Mr. Balraj, Civil
  • Dr. Rajat Kumar Baldua, TE
  • Dr. Suman, BBA
  • Dr. Monika, DCA

Research Objectives

  • To set out open doors practices and policies for Research and Development.
  • To spread mindfulness toward research and advancements and conduct the orientation activities.
  • To rouse the potential staff to take up research projects and propel the researchers for R&D activities around their specialization.
  • To provide assistance in obtaining financial support for organising seminars, workshops, conferences and FDPs from different promoting bodies.
  • To enhance the quality of research publications.
  • To cultivate joint efforts on R&D with the industry.
  • To improve the expertise in emerging area.

Functions of R&D Cell

  • Identification of emerging areas of research in every division.
  • Advise and urge the research workforce to pursue research both in-house and as a team with different external associations.
  • Coordinate with different departments to set up interdepartmental research activities.
  • To develop research groups evolving projects offered by agencies such as DRDO, RCI, DST, AICTE, UGC, etc
  • To support the research groups in creation of quality research publications.
  • Provide assistance in advancement of the undergoing research projects and activities as per requirement.
  • Identify the budgetary necessities and other requirements for financing the institutional research.
  • Plan and monitor the projects with financing from the institute research budget.
  • Identify industry linkage for joint research.
  • To deploy initiatives on expertise development in emerging area through projects and trainings to upgrade employability of the students.
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