Innovation Ecosystem

Startup Ecosystem

Startup Objectives
  • Develop an innovation ecosystem where youth can address the local challenges.
  • Create an environment and facilitate the youth from academia to align their innovations towards Sustainable Development Goals – 2030.
  • Enable capacity building, while aligning Indian knowledge system which can build deep routes for sustainable innovation while keeping local culture intact.
  • To build a vibrant startup ecosystem, in collaboration and facilitation from academia, financial institutions, industries, and other State/Centre Govt Support.
  • Create an enabling platform for speedy commercialization of technology developed by fresh entrepreneurs.
Committee Members
  • Prof. (Dr.) Vijay Anant Athavale, Dean Engineering
  • Mr.  Rajeev Gulati, Representative from State Startup Ecosystem
  • Dr. Sunil Dhull, Head, Mechanical Engineering
  • Dr. Sourabh Garg, Head ED Cell
  • Mr.  Arijit Biswas, CEO and Founder of EnrichAI, Representative from Industry
  • Mr. Arindam Bhattacharya, Founder of Cardel Solution
  • Mr. Jagat Jeet Singh, Samaarambh Agrotech LLP. (Incubate HAU)
  • Mr. Yogesh Joshi, Posedion’s Green (Startup)
  • Ms. Liza Bhansali, Mentor & Entrepreneur
  • Dr. Shakti Arora, AP, CSE, NISP Coordinator & Convener
Startup Conference

Two days international conference was organized on January 21-22, 2021 in the institute on Startup Incubation in collaboration with the Hindu Economic Forum (HEF), where more than 50 startups with 400 participants attended the conference. The World Hindu Economic Forum is a global organization with presence in 120 countries. The north chapter of HEF (Haryana) provided the platform for startups/first generation entrepreneur/young entrepreneurs. One-day exhibition of various products launched by different startups were demonstrated to the students. The institute had also signed MOUs with few startups to provide a vibrant startup ecosystem.

Accelerator Program

A startup accelerator session was conducted in the institute by the India Accelerator on February 18, 2021 in the APJ auditorium at 3:00 pm. Students actively participated in the program in physically as well as online modes. India Accelerator is India’s one and only Global Accelerator Network backed institution, helping startups realize their true potential by accelerating them into the next phase of growth. It is a leading seed-stage technology accelerator in NCR and one of the fastest-growing accelerators in Asia. India Accelerator has supported 60+ startups in 5 cohorts.

India Accelerator programs (Cyber Security, AgriTech, HealthTech, Social Impact, DeepTech, Sports Media & Amp; Entertainment) are spread over 4 months where 8-10 selected startups are provided with technology, business services, networking, and incubation space along with intense mentoring focused on the individuality of product and business development. It’s a structured program that brings the building blocks for a startup under one roof – the much needed mentorship, the network, the technology, the peripheral services (like legal, financial etc.) and last but not the least, the capital. The talk was addressed by Dr. Ashish Bhatia, founder and MD of India Accelerator and his team. He highlighted the emergence of startups in India as a leading choice after U.S. The key features of talk was how to formulate the fresh idea as problem statement of startup, where to apply for venture funding, whom to apply for investment and how to create networking for selling of product.

The session was extremely interactive and inspirational. All the students actively participated in the same and were successfully motivated to become the innovators rather than simply serving MNC’s. The additional support was extended in all respect by Vice Chairman, Sh. Rakesh Tayal.

The plan of action followed by them covering illustrations of concepts and practices of development of design thinking covered till July 2021 is as follows.

S. No. Session Topic Date Speaker Category
1 Entrepreneurship Failure 20th April, 2021 Deepak Sharma Awareness Session
2 Business Model 23rd April, 2021 Deepak Sharma Workshop
3 Ideation 30th April, 2021 Deepak Sharma Workshop
4 Lean Start ups 7th May, 2021 Deepak Sharma Workshop
5 Technology 21st May, 2021 Jasjit Singh – Product in Startup Journey FIT Model
6 Legal 3rd June, 2021 Himanshu Gupta FIT Model
7 Marketing Sans Funds 5th June, 2021 Jasrita Dhir FIT Model
8 Branding 10th June, 2021 Ranjoy Dey FIT Model
9 Design Thinking 17th June, 2021 Fanil Zakhariya Workshop
10 Founder’s journey 2nd July, 2021 Pranay Prakash (Team Building) Awareness Session

The recordings can be find at: Click Here 

Startup Launch

Three students Philips Paul, Vivek and Shivansh of first year recently launched their startup “Pro & Client” on 20th May, 2021 with the support of PIET – India Accelerator program.

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