Innovation Ecosystem

Innovation Ecosystem

Institute realises the role of innovation for society by assimilation of the culture of innovative practices through the institute innovation council, research promotion and IPR initiatives entrepreneurship development cell, centres of excellence, incubation support system etc.

Institute has successfully established the institute innovation council (IIC) as per the norms and directives of MHRD to systematically foster the culture of innovation among its students and faculty members. Various activities regularly take place under the IIC and as a result it has been awarded with 5 stars placing it among top 125 IIC’s all over India.

In context with the student innovations, there are project based competitive events organised by the departments on annual basis to reward the best student project. Internal hackathons to promote student innovations are also organised. The culture of innovation among the higher education institutes has been greatly supported through the national level competitions for software and hardware challenges known as Smart India Hackathon, since 2017. PIET took the initiative to host Smart India Hackathon in 2018 and 2019 and awarded the only nodal center status by MHRD in Haryana. In Smart India Hackathon 2018, PIET was one of the few Institutions selected for interaction with the honourable Prime Minister of India. Out of the seven qualifying student teams in SIH 2020, two have stood at the first position and one team at the third position in the national level.

The institute has established collaborations with other institutes and corporate to promote innovations and accelerate incubation in the institute. Entrepreneurship Development cell at PIET also has been actively supporting students and faculty members through various programs in the area of entrepreneurship, startups and IPR.

The team PIET in conjunction with the nation’s leading technocrats, educators and industry experts have conducted knowledge dissemination session entitled the “LEAD” (Learn, Engage, Assimilate and Develop) workshops which primarily focus on creation and adoption of innovative technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, IoT, robotics, data science, cyber security, cloud computing etc. to promote the culture of innovation at institution.

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