Research & Innovation Policy


Research and Innovation are important components of higher education. The policy seeks to develop a culture and an environment for research and innovation through quality publications, research projects, campus start-ups, industrial consultancy and contributions to research seminars, conferences, workshops and other such events relating to research and innovation. Research, innovation and consultancy are given due importance by national regulatory bodies and accreditation and ranking agencies. Through this policy, PIET aims at making a larger contribution to research and innovation so as to improve academic quality.

Under the policy, necessary support infrastructure and facilities will be expanded to encourage faculty and students to focus on research and innovation and bring out quality output. Under the policy each department will identify thrust areas for research and innovation on the basis of current trends in industry and take steps to build internal capability among faculty and students by conducting research in the priority areas. The students will be specifically encouraged the undertake research projects under the guidance of the faculty and will be provided incentives and motivation to do field projects. The departments will conduct from time to time research seminars and workshops and take steps to disseminate the knowledge. To promote research, departments will develop linkages with corporate houses and R&D organizations in the region. The research work in the institute must lead to value addition for faculty and students through useful projects. As a matter of policy, the institute will encourage research in inter-disciplinary areas.

The contribution of each faculty member will be measured through performance points to be earned by the faculty members on the basis of their various activities relating to research and innovation during an academic year. The points to be awarded for different activities are given in Table 1.

Table 1

Parameters Performance Points
Research paper published in journals listed in reputed data bases WoS/SCI/SCIE/EBSCO Host/ ABDC Journals/ APA PsyNET/ Scopus/ PubMed/ JSTOR and equivalent 10
International patent granted 20
National patent granted 15
International patent filed 10
National patent, copyright, design patent or similar forms of IPR filed 07
Guidance/mentorship of a successful student/ alumni/ faculty start-up (regd.) 10
Innovative product/ process/ technology/ solution as proof of concept 07
Funded research project/development project One point per Rs. 50,000/- on grant amount
Industrial consultancy One point per Rs. 10,000/- of consultancy value
Book published by international publisher 15
Book published by reputed national publisher 10
Chapter in edited book by international publisher 07
Chapter in edited book by national publisher 05
Editor of book by international publisher 10
Editor of book by national publisher 07
MOOC offered at SWAYAM platform 10
Guidance of Ph.D. dissertation (awarded) 10 points per Degree
Original research paper presentation in international conferences/seminars/workshops 07
Original research paper presentation in national conferences/ seminars/ workshops organised by reputed institutions 05
Participation as a resource person in the management development program/ entrepreneurship development program, organised by reputed educational institutions 07
Innovation in pedagogy with significant demonstrated effect on teaching-learning 05
Revenue generated through patent licensing/ tech transfer/ commercialization One point per Rs. 10,000/-
Successfully guiding/ mentoring award winning/ student project in state/ national/ international competitions 02/05/10 points respectively


  • Mention of affiliation of PIET as parent institution is essential for earning performance point.
  • Documentary proof must be furnished for claiming the points.
  • The output relating to research and consultancy must relate to the relevant academic year.
  • In case of research output made by 2 or more faculty members jointly, for every 10 performance points, 7 will be granted to the lead contributor and other contributions will receive 5 points each.

In addition to the above, the recipient of national level and state level awards in research, innovation or start-ups will receive such prizes as may be decided by the competent authority.

The minimum performance points to be earned by faculty members in one academic year are given in Table 2.

Table 2

Sr.No. Cadre Minimum Performance Points
1. Professor 25
2. Associate Professor 20
3. Assistant Professor 15

A faculty member can earn multiple points on different criteria as given in Table 1.

If a faculty member earns performance points beyond the cadre limit (Table 2) then he/she will be rewarded at a rate as decided by the competent authority subject to a maximum of 20 points in one academic year.

The policy will be reviewed at the end of each academic year by a committee constitute by the Director. The recommendations of the committee, if any, will be incorporated in the policy after approval from the competent authority.