Program Educational Objectives

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PEO1: To be able to comprehend, understand and analyze Computer Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science problems and relate them with real life.

PEO2: To impart exhaustive knowledge of Data Science to cater the industrial needs, excel in higher studies and research in related engineering and management fields.

PEO3: To promote collaborative learning and spirit of team work through innovation or entrepreneurship in technology development, deployment and diverse professional ethics.

PEO4: To build proficiency in soft skills and the abilities to relate engineering with the social, political and technical issues.

Program Specific Outcomes

PSO1: The ability to apply computing theory, languages and algorithms, as well as mathematical and statistical models in real world problems and meet the challenges of the future.

PSO2: Ability to apply the project development skills, principles of optimization to formulate and use data analysis to deliver a quality product for business success.