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About the Programme

The endeavor of the B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) program is to educate students to embark on their careers in the latest technology, entrepreneurship or to pursue higher studies in research by learning and applying various computational techniques. The scheme of B.Tech. CSE program covers basics to advanced concepts of computer science, including the academics and practical concepts, engineering skills for problem-solving. To provide an edge in specialized skill courses, the department has also started B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) Honors program in the Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality-Virtual Reality (AR-VR), Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (AI & ML), and Artificial Intelligence & Data Science (AI & DS). The department is also running certain add-on courses in collaboration with IBM & Oracle Academy to induce professional skills among students. The first objective of the CSE program is to focus on building the foundation of students in a well-planned and structured manner. The second objective is to develop the skills and knowledge of the students through need-based training, research, and development.

The overall aim of the B.Tech. (CSE) program is to expand the following features in students:

  • To understand the basic concepts of computer science and engineering.
  • To understand computation from basics to a higher level with different computer languages, algorithms and flow chart designing, database management, and applications.
  • To develop an ability to design new models with innovative techniques to solve various real-life problems to meet the forthcoming industrial needs.
  • To develop an ability to accomplish a common goal as an efficient team member.
  • To develop professional, social, and ethical responsibility.
  • To develop good communication skills.
  • To develop and understand technical skills based on research and projects.

All the graduate students from CSE program know their responsibility to work for the upliftment of society and nation with their professional skills.

The approved intake of the programme is 180 students

The programme is affiliated with Kurukshetra University and is Haryana’s only NBA accredited programme.


CSE deals with all the aspects which are related to computer science and engineering, whereas CSE specialization involves mostly about your specialization. If you choose Cyber Security, you will learn purely about security.

AIML engineering is a process of designing and developing intelligent agents using an artificial intelligence markup language.


The AIML engineering scope includes the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, the implementation of these algorithms in software, and the evaluation of their performance. It also includes the study of how these algorithms can be used to solve real-world problems.

AIML engineers may work in a variety of fields, including natural language processing, computer vision, robotics, and machine learning. They may also work in other fields such as finance, healthcare, or manufacturing, and the latest industries require a lot of ML Engineers.  AIML engineers can work in research and development, product development, or technical support roles. They may also work in sales or marketing roles.

After completing AIML as an Undergraduate course, you can work as:

  1. AIML engineer
  2. AIML Data scientist
  3. AIML developer
  4. Data engineer
  5. AIML specialist, and more.

The average base pay for an AI engineer in India is ₹9,28,387/yr. The salary package depends on various factors such as experience, knowledge, skills, region, etc.

AIDS is the Science and engineering of making intelligent machines specially intelligent computer programs. The main motive of this course is to train students with next age if intelligence and analytics generated by machines, influencing the humans lives to help improve efficiencies, in healthcare, manufacturing, finance and retail industries.


As the demand for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science is rapidly increasing, so job opportunities are also increasing day by day.

  • After pursuing B.Tech in AIDS, a lot of career opportunities or scope are there in the field of business, telecommunication, e-commerce, healthcare, climatology, social networking companies, biotechnology, genetics, Research and Development, IT industry, and IT-enabled service industries, banking, government agencies, insurance, aerospace, etc.

Many multinational companies recruit AI graduates.

  • The average starting salary package offered by the company is around 2-5 lakh per annum and the highest salary package offered is around 15 lakh annually.
  • The top job profiles for AI graduates are Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, Database Developer, Business analyst, Business Intelligence Developer, Big Data Engineer/ Architect, etc.

Cybersecurity engineers identify threats and vulnerabilities in computer systems and software. These professionals are experts who implement secure network solutions to protect organizations’ networks and data systems from hackers, cyberattacks and other forms of computer crime. Learning more about the role and the unique skills necessary to work in it can help determine if it’s the right career.


  • Cybersecurity Analyst
  • Chief Information Security Officer
  • Network Security Engineer

Average Salary

  • Average income for a cyber security analyst in India is around INR 500000 to 1100000.

All are good in there at their own place. It’s your choice in which field you want to go. If your coding is strong, you can choose AIML and AIDS, but if you are not good at coding then you can go for cyber security. Now a days everything is going online. So, it’s need protection of your data. So cyber security is in great demand now a days.

IF you are good in statistics and mathematics and programming then go for AIML and AIDS.

Scope Involves various underlying data operations Limited to the implementation of ML Algorithm
Type of Data Structured and Unstructured Standardized in the form of embeddings and vectors
Tools R,PHYTHON,SAS,SPSS,Tensor-Flow,Keras Scikit-learn,kaffe,Tensor Flow,Phython
Application Advertising, Marketing,internet search engines Manufacturing, automation,robotics,transport,healthcare

There are various programs run by training and placement department of our college i.e seminars on latest technologies by industry expert, communication classes , personality development classes  and aptitude classes conducted for third year and final year students.

Amazon, sap, Capgemini, Infosys, ibm, wipro etc..

28.5lakhs PA

If any company related to computer science comes then all branches are eligible but if area specific company comes then particular branch is eligible. e.g company recruit Data Analyst then AIDS Branch is eligible depends upon the post offers.

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