Policies & Procedures

Leave Rules


These Leave Rules shall apply to all employees of the Institute.


Leave includes Casual Leave, Earned Leave, Half Pay Leave and Extraordinary Leave.

  • “Earned Leave” means leave earned in respect of completed years of service.
  • “Half Pay Leave” means, leave earned in respect of completed years of service.
  • “Commuted Leave” means leave not exceeding half the amount of Half Pay Leave taken on the production of medical certificate by an employee.
  • “Extraordinary Leave” means leave granted to an employee without Pay.
  • “Competent Medical Authority” means Medical Officer of the Institute or a Doctor with M. B. B. S. qualification.
  • “Holiday” means a holiday notified.
  • “Month” means a calendar month.
  • “Pay” means the monthly pay drawn on the day before the leave commences.
  • “Half Pay” means half of the pay drawn on the day before the leave commences.


Leave cannot be claimed as a MATTER OF RIGHT. When the exigencies of service so demand, discretion to refuse or revoke leave of any kind is reserved with the authority empowered to grant it.


  • Leave begins from the date on which it is actually availed on and ends of the day preceding the day on which duty is resumed.
  • Sunday or other holiday may be prefixed as well as suffixed to leave subject to approval of the competent authority.
  • No institute employee who has been granted leave on production of medical certificate will be allowed to return to duty without producing a medical certificate of fitness from a Medical Officer of status not less than a person on whose recommendation, medical leave was applied.


An institute employee who remains absent after the end of his leave will be deemed absent from duty. Wilful absence from duty may be treated as misbehaviour initiating disciplinary action against the employee.


Earned Leave is admissible to an employee @10days for each completed year of service and to be accumulated upto 30 days.


Medical Leave is admissible to an employee @ 5 days for each completed year of service and to be accumulated up to 15 days.


  • The Half Pay Leave admissible to the Institute employees in respect of each completed year of “Service”, is 20 days.
  • The Half Pay Leave due may be granted to an institute employee on production of medical certificate. Maximum limit of accumulation of such leave is 60 days under hospitalization condition.
  • Commuted Leave, not exceeding half the amount of half pay leave, due to be granted to an institute employee on production of medical certificate.
  • When commuted leave is granted, twice the amount of such leave shall be debited against the Half Pay Leave due in his leave account. No commuted leave may be granted to an employee, unless the authority competent to sanction leave has reason to believe that he will return to duty in its expiry.


  1. A lady teacher/employee of the Institute can be considered for grant of Maternity Leave only once in whole tenure of service of the Institute.
  • The eligibility for the sanction of Maternity Leave for a lady teacher/employee of the Institute will be at least completion of two years of satisfactory service.
  • Any lady teacher/employee who has completed one year’s service but not two years as per clause 2(I) above can be granted proportionate Maternity Leave falling of two years of service.
  • Maternity Leave can be granted to a lady teacher /employee for a maximum period of two months in the whole tenure of service in the Institute.
  • This Leave is further to be supported by the concerned Doctor/Lady Doctor from whom the lady teacher/employee is taking Medical Treatment for delivery purpose.


Extra Ordinary Leave may be granted to an Institute teacher in special circumstances subject to a limit of six months at a time when no other leave is admissible. This leave will not exceed three years during the whole tenure of service.


  • An employee on half pay leave is entitled to leave salary equal to half amount.
  • An employee on extra ordinary leave is not entitled to any leave salary.


Casual leave for 15 days in a calendar year will be admissible to an employee of the Institute (both teaching and non-teaching staff) at the discretion of leave sanctioning authority; Casual leave shall not be combined with any other kind of leave or with vacation except prefixing & suffixing with holiday, provided that the total period including holiday at any one time does not exceed 10 days, except in exceptional cases to be decided by the Director/Principal.

An employee who joins service during the currency of a calendar year, will, however, be entitled to casual leave on proportionate basis. Fraction or less than half may be ignored and half or above may be considered as full. Persons whose services are likely to be dispensed with or who resign during the currency of year may also be allowed casual leave on proportionate basis.

Powers to Sanction Leave

S. No. Sanctioning Authority To Whom Extent
1. Director/ Principal Head of the Deptts. Registrar, Accounts Office, Librarian Full Power
2. Director/ Principal All Teaching Staff Full Power
3. Registrar Staff Members other than those Sr. No. 1&2 above Full Power
Notwithstanding above the Director is the competent authority to sanction leave of absence to any employee if in his opinion the leave is in the interest of the institution.


10 Academic Leave will be credited each year in employee leave balance from one year of date of joining.

  • Academic Leave will not be carry forwarded to the next calendar year.
  • Maximum 5 days academic leave per year may be granted for faculty members pursuing Ph.D. from recognized University (Govt. University, State Private University, Deemed University for progress seminar and viva-voce, proof should be submitted from competent authority before applying for the leave.
  • Maximum 5 days academic Leave per year may be granted to doctorate faculty members to do jobs related to liasoning, research pursuits, collaboration meeting, attend academic council meetings, associated activities, examinations, viva-voce of other recognized Universities (Govt. University, State University, Deemed Private University with NAAC accreditation) and accredited Institution.
  • Maximum 5 days Academic Leave per year may granted for faculty members for attending Seminar, FDPs and Conference.
  • Academic leave can be availed only after the due approval of HOD/Director.



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