Policies & Procedures

IPR Policy

The IPR policy is to support and protect creation of the original work of students and faculty members. Policy is designed in a way to provide conducive and competitive environment within the campus.


  • IPR awareness creation: By organizing awareness programs to sensitize faculty and students in the campus and disseminating awareness about rights to protect intellectual property and related legal issues.
  • Foster creativity and innovation: By organizing ideathons, hackathons and such activities at institute level to ensure participation of students in national and international levels.
  • Generation of IPRs: By providing proper support to innovators for knowledge creation.
  • Commercialization of IPRs: By developing industry relationships and initiating start-ups.


This policy is applicable to all staff members and students of Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology involved in invention/creation of any kind of intellectual property such as patent, copyright, trade mark, trade secret, design, confidential information and integrated circuit’s layout.


  • Institute shall be the joint owner of all the inventions/creations, in whole or part, developed in the institute utilizing its resources.
  • Inventions including process, product, software, designs and integrated circuit layouts invented by the staff and student without significant utilization of institution’s resources and not connected with the professional conduct of staff or student, for which he/she is associated with institution, shall be owned by the creator.
  • If the invention is a result of joint work carried out at institute, with support from external organization/agency in any form such as financial assistance provided by the external agency, ownership of the intellectual property will be based on the mutual agreement of Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology with the external agency/organization.
  • In case the inventor leaves the institute due to some reason, it shall be mandatory for the inventor to assign the intellectual property rights to the institute before leaving the institute.
  • Under all circumstances, Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology reserves the right to use intellectual property for any purpose.

Obtaining IPR and Fee for the potential creations 

Inventor shall provide the necessary inputs and information for filing IPR application with institution. Institute will bear the cost involved for accessing the intellectual property information data bases, patent filing and registration and other associated tasks with filing the application.


Institute shall attempt to market the intellectual property based on the market demand for the intellectual property to which it has ownership or joint ownership. The creator(s) are expected to support in this process. If institute has not been able to commercialize the creative work in a reasonable time frame; the creator may approach the IPR cell for the reassignment of property rights. In that case inventors should reimburse patenting fees to the institute to receive ownership rights of intellectual property.

Revenue Sharing

Institute and inventor revenue sharing ratio will be 60:40. In case of multiple inventors, every inventor will get equal share or as per agreed terms. For intellectual property owned between institution and industry, as in the case of collaborative research, sharing of revenue and patenting fees will be as per the agreement with the collaborating industry provided that the industry also shares the patenting fees.

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