Policies & Procedures

Energy Management Policy

  • The energy supply support system available in the institute must ensure proper availability of energy with safe usage for ICT facilities, laboratory instruments, workshop machinery, lighting and human comfort in various classrooms, offices and other miscellaneous operations.
  • The institute shall support the use of green and renewable energy and gradually increase the role of green energy in its total energy consumption.
  • The institute shall develop and conduct energy reviews analyzing past and current energy uses and consumption to identify significant energy usage and prioritize opportunities for improving energy performance.
  • An internal committee shall monitor institutional energy efficiency and time to time conduct external energy audits to assess the energy performance.
  • The committee shall also identify commitments to satisfy applicable legal requirements and other requirements related to energy efficiency, energy use and energy consumption.
  • The institute shall maintain its commitment to continual improvement of energy performance and the supports for procurement of energy efficient products and services that impact energy performance.
  • The institute shall support the creation of user awareness on energy conservation through display media and other relevant methods.
  • The institute shall also support design activities, through the students, that consider energy performance improvement.
  • The energy policy shall be reviewed periodically to keep it updated.
  • The institute shall maintain documented information related to energy performance.
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