Best Placement Colleges for BBA in Delhi NCR and Haryana

PIET is among the best placement colleges for BBA in Haryana, the Bachelor of Business Administration, abbreviated as BBA is a three year undergraduate program with a 12th grade passing eligibility criteria. The course is designed to ingrain diverse business concepts and ideas in an aspiring Entrepreneur’s mind. BBA is divided into semesters each year, originating from Kurukshetra University.

The course is an amalgamation of theory as well as practical learning with classroom lectures, practical application, presentations on various topics, dense case studies, managerial activities, skill building workshops, informative webinars, industrial visits, internships and many more practices.

The end motive is to train students to become a successful entrepreneur and serve a particular industry. An aspirant will learn to communicate effectively in different situations and forms. This will vary from how to communicate with potential investors to communicating with one’s employees and managers on a daily basis or in meetings.

The leadership qualities, on the other hand, are qualities that a great leader must display – for instance being an independent individual, who can voice their opinions, one who is a risk taker, has an innovative mind, and so on and so forth. The entrepreneurial skills, critical thinking, and decision making are also a vital part of the package where an aspirant learns these skills in order to make the best decisions for a firm, even as an employee.

All of the above mentioned skills and learnings are included at one of the best placement colleges for BBA in Haryana – Panipat Institute of Engineering & Technology or mostly known as PIET. At PIET, students compete in classes and prove their abilities. And when the third year nears its end, the students interview for placements in reputed businesses that suit their specialization.

Panipat Institute of Engineering & Technology is a renowned BBA College in Delhi NCR as well because its reach is vast and the alumni have great feedback about the institute. The Alumni are now employed in multinational companies with a high paying income per annum. So, admission at PIET for BBA is a great choice for you.

The institute is located in the National Capital Region (NCR), and was established by Vidyapeeth Education. The founders clearly envision to proffer world class education and research to the future businessmen and businesswomen. PIET stands out as a scholastic leader in higher education for Engineering & Technology as well as Business Administration colleges with so many more courses in its bag.

Globalization has evidently been acquiring territory in the rising significance of electronic, computer, software and information technology related developments that impact the researching methods in multiple ways. PIET strives to encourage the budding students to become great professionals in their respective fields. The institute offers numerous programs, such as diploma courses, Undergraduate courses, and also Postgraduate programs. PIET has consistently pushed the students towards excellence to attain a niche for themselves.

Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology is not just the best BBA college in Delhi NCR but is fore mostly known for its engineering education. Nevertheless, PIET is an ideal institute with years invested in the niche.

Panipat Engineering Colleges Provides the Best Guidance for B Tech Mechanical Students

Are you planning to get a degree in Mechanical Engineering? Do you want to know which colleges are the best in Panipat? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This article will discuss the different Mechanical Engineering colleges that you can choose from in Panipat.

The number of students taking admission in the Mechanical engineering branch is increasing drastically. Therefore any student needs to select the best college considering various parameters.

The Best Mechanical Engineering Colleges in the Panipat article will help you to make the right decision. Learning Mechanical Engineering from Panipat will help you

• mechanical engineering
• materials science that deals with the analysis
• design
• production
• operation
• maintenance
• research of mechanical system

Every year almost five lakh students appear in the engineering entrance exams and they get confused about the selection of the best college where they will perform their desired career,
Panipat Institute of Engineering & Technology (PIET) is one of the oldest and leading institutes in Haryana. The Institute was founded in 2006 and among the top engineering colleges in Haryana.

PIET is not only book-oriented but also believes in practical exposure like:
1. International Internship/ student exchange programme
2. International academics tie-ups
3. Researches and expert speakers
4. Project-based learnings
5. Student exchange program

We are the Best Mechanical Engineering Colleges in Panipat because we provide the best environment for students to learn and to teach.

Why Recruit from PIET?

Here’s why our college is the best. The education we offer is result-oriented, and all our classrooms are equipped with the latest technologies
With a placement record of 100% in the recent few offerings, one thing which won’t need an argument here is the quality education and mentoring are at their best. Rest you need to see for yourself!

  • The best recruitment experience ever. Our quick responding passionate placement team will help you find a great job fast.
  • We are the top 7 out of the top 10 companies recruiters prefer.
  • The best infrastructure facility, with spacious auditoriums for placement presentations and multiple conference rooms for group discussions. Excellent computer lab facilities for online tests and campus recruitment.
  • Tie-up with leading multinational companies

We at PIET are committed to education with innovative ideas, which lead to a successful career in today’s competitive world.

Our multifaceted activities include education, research, industrial consultancy, and training. This makes us a complete entity for excellence in education. We have a century-old ethos of learning, which has been supplemented with modern technology and methodology.

Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology (PIET) has set its standards of excellence since its inception by offering quality education to both local and international graduates.

With excellent infrastructure and qualitative faculty members and other allied staff, it provides world-class facilities to its student by organizing events like seminars, workshops, and guest lectures. PIET makes the best possible efforts to provide ample opportunities for the development of students to make them future-ready so that they can face

The BBA Course: A better understanding of the business world now offered to you by Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology

The business world is rapidly changing. Now and then there is something changing. Understanding the business-related concepts, ideas or metrics is challenging. Every day you get to learn something new and still today that is an ongoing process. Today, businesses have to change and adapt to all new mechanisms and methods to stay afloat. All aspects of the business, marketing, sales, or ways of selling continuously evolve. Hence, for a businessman to survive in the industry the right kind of education about the field is required. Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology is one of the top BBA colleges in Delhi NCR.

About PIET:

Being one the top BBA colleges in Delhi NCR, PIET is trying to offer some of the best diploma, undergraduate, and postgraduate courses to ensure students can excel in the fields of their interest. The institute is affiliated with Kurukshetra University. PIET strives to encourage, motivate and curate scholars into professionals in their respective fields. For the institute, the key focus remains on producing an excellent outcome rather than just focusing on the mere output. PIET is known for the kind of placements it offers to students after completion of their respective courses. This institute tries its level best to improve with time all their activities.

About the BBA Course:

The Bachelor of Business Administration is a three-year program. This course is curated for all those students who want to understand the concepts and methods of the business field. Students are taught all the subjects semester-wise to enhance their entrepreneurial skills, communication skills, critical thinking, leadership qualities, and decision-making capabilities. The course is a perfect combination of theory-related and practical application learning experiences. The classroom learning involves a fine combination of workshops, webinars, presentations, case studies, management activities, industrial visits that take place throughout the year with the help of industry professionals and the well-trained staff of PIET.

Eligibility Procedure:

For this undergraduate program, students must have completed their 10+2 examinations. The approved program intake includes 372 students only.

Objectives of the Program:

  • Cultivate their analytical skills for appropriate decision-making.
  • Students will be able to communicate better.
  • With this course, the aspirants will be able to emerge as a leader.
  • Under this course, students will be able to understand, analyze and communicate better all the business-related terms and concepts.

Facilities of this institute: 

  • The institute has a well-stocked digital library
  • Research-based technical and practical learning is provided here
  • The college is host for the region’s largest and the best inter-college quiz competition named PIET QUEST
  • The institute is known for the kind of placements it offers to students
  • It offers some regular corporate interaction, National and International level conferences, seminars, and workshops.

How will students benefit from this course?

After this course, students will be able to:

  • Students will have a better understanding of their managerial and operational skills.
  • It will be easy for them to prepare and deliver business documents.
  • A better command of the individual’s soft skills will take place.

If you think this course is for you, connect to Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology for the top BBA college in Delhi NCR quickly! We are waiting to hear from you!

How to Find and Join the Top Engineering College with best Job Placements

If you have just finished your higher secondary education, that is your 12th grade, and looking for top engineering colleges in Delhi NCR? Do not stress anymore, you have arrived at the right place. We present Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology PIET, based in Haryana for you to enroll at and get the best education possible in all of Delhi NCR. Finding the top colleges for engineering is simply based on your ranks in 10th and 12th grade, plus your subject choices. These two aspects determine the top engineering college with placement for you personally. Let us take you through the admission process at PIET and then give you the placement information in the later section.

How to Join PIET?

The admissions of 75% of permitted intake needs to be conducted by HSTES through Counselling according to the Reservation Policy notified by the State Government of Haryana.

Admissions for B.E./ B.Tech. students must only be done through the Three online off-campus counselling sessions. The first and second counselling, for B.E / B.Tech. admissions will be provided on the basis of the inter-se-merit of JEE Main through the online counselling, by NIC at their website  When participating in the third online counselling for remaining vacant seats, the candidates will need to register online at as per the dates.

While appearing for the third online counselling, one must note that the first preference is registered for those candidates who have registered with their JEE MAIN. Thereafter, the preference shall be given to candidates on the basis of merit of qualifying their exams. However, only those candidates will be ranked who have priory registered on and have verified their documents from the Designated Verification Centres.

Then we come to admissions for B.E and B.Tech candidates under the Kashmiri Migrants category. These too shall be made on the basis of inter-se-merit of percentage through online off-campus counselling by NIC at the same website mentioned above. The rest of the 25%  management  seats  and  remaining vacant seats will be filled by the institute itself upon manual counselling. The first aspect of this selection process will be based on the candidate’s performance firstly on the entrance exam merit or JEE rank. Then, the second preference will be given to the candidates who have fresh merit of a qualifying examination before the final cut-off date of admissions.

Placements at PIET

PIET has a dedicated placement cell that invites leading firms of the corporate world to the campus every year religiously. PIET’s campus placement is attributed to meet the recruiter’s need besides presenting students with the best opportunities to head start their careers.

Despite the changing global macroeconomic scenario, PIET continues to remain one of the top engineering colleges in Delhi NCR for campus hiring by top brand recruiters across divergent sectors. PIET addresses a brisk placement team, a magnificent infrastructure, along with spacious multipurpose auditoriums, numerous conference rooms, and matchless test & computer lab facilities for consistent learners.

PIET, the top engineering college with placement cell takes care of the employment methods in the upcoming industries at national as well as international levels. Brands like Amazon, TCS, Wipro, Capgemini, Cognizant, Syntel, Accenture, IBM, HCL, Sasken, CSC, and etc have conducted on-campus interviews and recruited students through a formed association.

After acknowledging the top engineering college with placement yourself and reading its achievements, you must definitely keep PIET as your top priority for engineering colleges.

Choose the best B.Tech Colleges in Haryana to be an expert Digital Person

B.Tech is a diverse community of degrees, the stream offers various degrees with different specializations to suit an aspirant’s interest. A variety of B.Tech specializations can be found at the top B.Tech Colleges in Haryana, starting with Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology. At PIET, one can opt for B.Tech, B.Tech Honours, B.Tech CSE and its three variations, B.Tech CE, B.Tech ME, B.Tech Textile Engineering and so on. Let us introduce you to one of the top placement colleges for B.Tech in Haryana and their placement program!

The standard B.Tech CSE program at PIET

A student at B.Tech. Computer Science is taught to venture into making the latest technologies possible, entrepreneurship, and to pursue a higher degree of research and computational techniques. The B.Tech CSE program covers every type of concept, from simple to advanced concepts of computer science, including the theory in academics, pragmatic concepts, and even engineering skills for real life solutions.

The engineering department at PIET has also introduced courses like B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering Honours program in the Internet of Things (IoT). Plus, it continues with different courses throughout: from Augmented Reality-Virtual Reality (AR-VR) to Artificial Intelligence & Data Science (AI & DS). The department also runs several additional courses in collaboration with IBM and Oracle Academy, these courses focus to induce professional skills in the students.

The first and foremost objective of the CSE program is to build a foundation in students in a well-planned and systematic pattern. The second objective is to develop relevant skills and knowledge of the students through requirement-based training and research and development.

The core aim of the B.Tech. (CSE) program is to enrich the following features within students:

  • To understand every basic concept of engineering.
  • To understand computation from basics to a higher difficulty level with varying computer languages, algorithms & flow chart designing, database management, and applications.
  • To be able to design new models with unique techniques to solve real-life problems to meet the industrial needs.
  • To work on developing an ability to accomplish a common goal as a team member at work.
  • To develop professional, social, and ethical responsibilities.
  • To develop effective communication skills.
  • To develop new technical skills based on research and projects and understand them well.

Recruitment at PIET

PIET is again among the top placement colleges for B.Tech in Haryana for indispensable reasons. Firstly, branded firms search for many more qualities besides academics. PIET students master a range of skills and experiences at PIET to compete with the world effectively. Indulging in teamwork, problem solving sessions, leadership roles, and heightened communication skills are encouraged to take up responsibilities.

  • A prompt placement team.
  • Top recruiters for on-campus placements.
  • Best facilities, great infrastructure with spacious auditoriums, multiple conference rooms and excellent computer lab facilities.
  • Tied up with the best colleges in the region.
  • Tie-ups with leading research institutes in different industries.
  • Interactive sessions in relevance to industries, workshops, seminars, paper presentations and quizzes are part of the teaching.
  • Believed in entrepreneurship, research and development, and application based learning.
  • Ambient class rooms, with learning resources available 24×7.
  • A wi-fi enabled campus with seamless networking architecture in hostels, classes, canteen and common rooms.

We have now given you multiple reasons to become a part of one of the top B.Tech colleges in Haryana. You can further visit their website and clear your queries.

Get all the required knowledge to work in the business sector from PIET, Haryana

The education system is evolving today. There is so much to learn, re-learn and apply in our daily lives. We get to understand so many new concepts and techniques used in the real world with this powerful tool- Education. Throughout our lives, we are exposed to learning and that is why education never stops. Likewise, in the business world, there have been a lot of innovations to help your business grow. In these virtual times, many online portals have begun their businesses. At present, Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology is one of the best colleges for BBA in Haryana.

About PIET:

Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology has a clear goal of producing entrepreneurs, managers, and world-class technocrats with the quality education provided through the Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses offered here. Their main focus includes overall excellence rather than just getting the output. The college is increasing its set standards with the kind of training, webinars, workshops, and internships it stands to offer.

About the BBA course:

Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology is affiliated with Kurukshetra University. The Bachelor of Business Administration course has a fine mix of theory and practical learning practices which include classroom lectures, webinars, industrial visits, presentations, case studies, management activities, workshops, and internships. The key focus is on training the students for effective communication skills, critical thinking and decision making, leadership qualities, and entrepreneurial skills revolving around the business sector. This will help the aspiring students to be ready for the highly competitive and collaborative atmosphere of the world.

Eligibility criteria:

For this undergraduate course, aspiring students must have passed the 10+2 examinations. One of the best colleges For BBA in Haryana, PIET has an approved intake of 372 students for this program.

Why should you choose PIET over any other institution?

Being one of the best colleges for BBA in Haryana, PIET has mixed some of the traditional teaching concepts with New Age Learning Models in this virtual learning experience.
Some of the tools implemented include:

● A flipped classroom learning experience

● PIET has partnered with M-TUTOR for e-educational resources to help students

● An AI-based method for internal assessment examination evaluation has been implemented.

● Webinars and Live Online Sessions are now part of E-Learning

After the course:

Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology is known for the placements it stands to offer. Students get ample opportunities to explore their talents and skills and are easily able to gain some experience in the world of business. Within the college campus, there is a big auditorium used for placement presentations, the computer lab is used for the test, and the multiple conference rooms are used for group discussions and interviews.

About the Website:

In case of any further queries, you can always reach out to the college. For doubts related to Admissions please click on the “Admission Enquiry” panel. It will redirect you to a quick query form. A toll-free contact number is also made available on the website. The “Gallery” panel also has a few of the college-related photos and videos and an interesting Campus Tour made available.

So, if you are still confused about where to study concepts relating to Business Studies, you can head to one of the best colleges for BBA in Haryana and begin your learning journey today!

Which is the Best Placement College for MBA in Delhi NCR and Haryana?

Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology – PIET – is clearly among the best placement colleges for MBA in Delhi NCR and Haryana. MBA program at PIET is an enlisted two year course, divided into four equal semesters as per Kurukshetra University’s curriculum. The course involves the students to conceptualize new ideas, think about it logically, and introduce the results in the future to the industry. Students are also taught to emphasize on real-life applications and implement practical lessons instead of solely absorbing theoretical knowledge.

With an enriching MBA curriculum at PIET, the students are imparted a panorama, to enhance a student’s horizons and encourage them to think beyond it. Moreover, professors guide them to identify “out of the box” solutions and challenge the state of affairs of a market. The institute’s focus is on moulding socially responsible business luminaries rather than simply graduating business managers.

The didactics for Master of Business Administration is programmed at PIET keeping in mind these following objectives:

● To provide an all-inclusive understanding of the corporate world.
● To integrate the theoretical concepts with business like aspects of the organization’s atmosphere and the ability of management.
● To intensify the conceptual and analytical abilities in order to make effective decisions.
● To grow with the dynamic and accustom oneself to the complex working environment.

Advantages of an MBA Degree at PIET
When it comes to the list of best placement colleges for MBA in Delhi NCR, PIET recognizes numerous prospects for a student. Considering the knowledge, skills, and attitudes a student gains at the institute, a high paying job in the corporate world is achievable based on their degree. Once a student has been appointed, they can govern and sum up alternative strategies to suit the business. However, the work ladder does not end here, the students can also start up their own firm and become a successful entrepreneur and generate employment furthermore.

Becoming an Entrepreneur will allow you to identify potential markets and opportunities to invest in, whether in India or overseas. Reaching the international markets with a potential idea is likely when you choose entrepreneurship rather than a 9 to 5 job, and so you take ahead of the Indian market on a global stage, spreading awareness on Indian industries. Analyzing and evaluating the issues that arise from integration of the Indian economy and businesses with globalization is also a feature that one assesses after graduating from one of the Top MBA Colleges in Haryana.

Among the other Top MBA Colleges in Haryana, MBA at PIET propels the students to understand the nature of changing organizational dynamics and management, depending on the market conditions.

The following are the specializations that a student focuses on to sharpen their skills furthermore:
● Finance
● Marketing
● Human Resource Management
● International Business
● Business Analytics
● Entrepreneurship Development

Now that you are aware about Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology’s one of the best institutions, and their specialization in MBA and other business related courses, you must seek the opportunity to admit yourself here. You will probably garner success in your professional life once you graduate with a rank.

First step towards MBA: Common Admission Test – CAT


The first step for an aspirant of master in business administration is to choose the subject he/she wants to specialized during his post-graduate degree. This is one of the most critical decisions in an aspirant’s life. Your choice is the foundation to your future and progress during rest of your life.  There are many MBA entrance exams held such as CAT, MAT, XAT, etc for top MBA colleges in India. CAT is one of the important Management Entrance Test for an applicant considering to go for Masters in Business Administration.

We understand that sometimes an aspirant is stuck dilemma in what to choose and from where to start from. Here we have chalked down important detail about CAT and how to prepare for them.

Common Aptitude Test (CAT)

CAT is a computer-based test conducted by universities for entrance to their highly prestigious business administration programs.

The entrance test has three sections:

Quantitative Aptitude

·        Arithmetic

·        Algebra

·        Geometry

·        Commercial Mathematics

·       Miscellaneous

Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning

·        Logical Reasoning

·        Data Interpretation, Sufficiency

Verbal Ability Test

·        Reading Comprehension

·        Verbal Logic

·        Vocabulary

·        Grammar Correction


Every section has fix Percentile scores and are a combined score for the entire exam.

How to prepare for CAT?

CAT is one of the important as well as toughest exam to crack. You need to be clear with your basics while having a fair knowledge about the subject. This is a distinguished, exalted and venerated national-level management competitive exam and to get into a prestigious business school, you need to score well with clear understanding about your choice.

Allocation of marks

In general, you would get 4 marks for every correct answer whereas for every wrong answer, 1 mark will be deducted.

Some of the important tips which can help you prepare better for CAT are as following:

Comprehend the syllabus well

This is a useful tip not only for CAT aspirants but all exams in general.  As mentioned above, the exam tests your knowledge in Quantitative Ability, Data Interpretation, Logical Reasoning, Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension.  The concepts used are basically that of class X level. This, however, should not make you complacent as the questions are pretty tricky and require high level of thinking and reasoning abilities. The best way forward is to put in as much practise as you can.

Set your target

CAT exams are extremely hard to crack and you should keep all the doors open. Start by being clear about your goals and objectives. Do you want to study only in IIMs or other top management institutes accepting the CAT score are also on your radar?  Do not forget to check out previous years sectional as well as overall percentile cut off of these institutes.  Each institute has in place its own set of criterions for admission and your awareness about them could help to a considerable extent in your admissions.

Selection for Group Discussion and Personal Interview

Candidates who secure the sectional cut-offs as well as the overall cut-offs in the written test are called for GD/PI by institutes they have applied for. This is the ultimate step of the selection-process.

What if I do not get good percentile in CAT?

It is good to be optimistic but it always helps to have a contingency plan in case things do not turn out according to your initial estimation.  If you do not get good percentile in CAT, it does not mean the end of world for you. There are many other top-quality management institutes in India who accept scores of other highly notable management entrance exams like XAT and MAT.  You can prepare for these exams as well while preparing for CAT as the pattern followed by almost all major competitive management entrance exams are more or less the same.

MBA at Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology

We at PIET, Haryana have always been at the forefront of introducing new trends into our course curriculum. We are the first college in Panipat to include ‘Enterprise 4.0’ in our curriculum. No other college offering Engineering, Management or Diploma courses in Panipat is providing Enterprise 4.0.

We strive to provide our students with both theoretical knowledge as well as practical exposure to make them industry ready. If you are studying Management at PIET, you would have learning access to the world of Business Analytics, Data Analytics, Blockchain technology. They would also learn how Artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things work in tangent giving them an edge over others. This would eventually give you an edge over other students competing to get a job as well as increase your job and industry learning.

Enter the world of new possibilities at PIET, book a call with a counsellor today!

Nurturing out-of-the box thinking at the Centre of Excellence


A centre of Excellence is that special setup which helps enterprises or educational institutes to offer a dedicated space for learning and inculcating new processes, technologies and more.

What is a Center of Excellence?

It is a hub of innovation and promotes expertise across the sector. Typically based on a technology, a critical process, or an application – to help any organization to adopt new process, innovate new things and be more efficient.  COE acts as a discipline within any organisation.

At Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology (PIET), one of the top engineering college in Haryana, we are working to make students future ready. With our Centre of Excellence, we are imparting critical thinking skills to our students that allow them to explore, innovate and excel at whatever stream they choose to study.

We at PIET, Haryana also commit to our students ready for any opportunity, be it in India or abroad. With this special focus, we have collaborated with International Universities and top corporates to provide our students with the ideal platform. The sole aim is to make them understand the theoretical aspects while introducing them industrial trends and patterns. COE at PIET is now completely dedicated to enterprise 4.0 and seek answers to every aspect of it.

This collaboration with reputed foreign partners, universities and corporates, provides students with an ideal platform that blends and explain current and future industrial trends and patterns. Here is the complete list of different prominent bodies which have come together with a sole objective to promote future learning and to do so we have signed the MoU with:

  1. UC Berkley USA for smart city accelerator program
  2. ChungBuk National University, Republic of Korea for research in AI and Machine Learning
  3. Institute of Water Sciences Australia for Waste Water treatment and Incubation Centre
  4. Center of Excellence in IOT from Intel
  5. SuKam, Center for Excellence in Solar Power Engineering
  6. Dell COE for Big Data Analytics and Cloud Infrastructure
    • Centre of Academic Excellence on Data Science and Big Data Analytics
    • Centre of Academic Excellence on Cloud Infrastructure Services
  7. Interactiv COE for BIM Technology for Civil Engineering
  8. MOU with Cyberops Infosec for Training in Cyber security

With this Centre of Excellence, we want our students to understand the future technology or digital languages, tech trends and other futuristic framework like the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Block Chain, and Digital Transformation.

Want to know and understand more about how a centre of excellence can help you in higher education? Book your visit here.

A Quick Guide on How to Choose the Right Career


If choosing a career is ‘where to go’, then having a career action plan is ‘how to reach’ there.

‘Which career is the one for me?’ If you are asking this question to yourself or your close ones, you are on the verge of taking the first step towards your career. Before taking a decision understand that there are many aspects to consider before choosing the right career. There is more to a career than simply doing a job. It is about you and your choices, dreams, aspirations, ambitions, abilities and interests. You need to choose something that you would love and which would also help you explore and utilize your complete potential.

Also, be practical about what you can or can’t do. Avoid falling prey to peer pressure or societal norms as to what constitutes a good career. Take proper guidance from expert career counselors before taking a decision.

So, let’s know more about what a career is and how to choose the right career options for yourself.

Know yourself: Identify your skills, interests, and personality

The first step to do before choosing the right career or a course is to understand your skills, interests, and personality. There are various factors which affect your choice and plenty of websites available which provide ‘career tests’. Few of them might give you a detailed result on what to choose. Post the result, sit and think if that is actually what you want to do. Remember it is your career hence do not fall for a stereotypical result. It would be better to opt for a one-to-one career counselling session.

You may consult our career counselor today to understand your personality type. As part of our career counselling programs, we at Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology, Haryana believe in providing students with transparent and complete guidance basis of their academics as well as identifiable skills. This process driven analysis has helped thousands of students find the perfect career in the past decade.

Explore your options and choose the right career

Once you have the assessment report, you would be able to select few courses that would suit your personality and interests. You will also get to learn about the answers to some essential “what, where, when, why, and how” which are related to your career choice. It is pivotal at the initial stage itself to study all the available options, match them with your goals, and seek guidance from experts. This would help you explore your options, choose a course, and have a robust action plan for your future.

Develop a Career Action Plan

Post evaluation and after you have decided your future stream, you need to create a ‘career action plan’. It is a roadmap which helps you achieve your life goals. Once you set the agenda for future, the next and the final step is to chalk out your goals, which could be professional, personal or short and long-term. Thereafter, you need to choose a college which not only makes you academic ready but also industry ready while understanding your capabilities and future trends.

We at PIET have always been at the forefront of introducing new trends into our course curriculum. We are the first college in Panipat to include ‘Enterprise 4.0’ in our curriculum. No other college offering Engineering, Management or Diploma courses in Panipat is providing Enterprise 4.0.

We strive to provide our students with both theoretical knowledge as well as practical exposure to make them industry ready. If you are studying in Engineering or Management at PIET, you would have learning access to the world of Artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, big data and the Internet of Things. This would eventually give you an edge over other students competing to get a job as well as increase your job and industry learning.

What’s more?

All our Career Counselling programs are completely free. So, go ahead and avail free access to the best minds in academic sphere. Visit us today.