One day workshop on case study writing

A case studies session consists of several detailed description of events that are used for discussion and learning. The events can be taken from a real life situation or can be completely fictional. The purpose of a case study is to take the group closer to the real context of a situation or problem and identify its cause and solution.

A case study can be used as part of a training workshop to facilitate a learning point or as part of an assessment programme to gauge candidate’s response and analysis of situations. Case studies can be great for sharing experiences and reaffirming knowledge and understanding.

With this regard PIET’s Department of Management Studies organized a one-day workshop on “Case Study Writing” under the expert guidance of Prof. Madhu Vij, Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi on 14th Dec 2019.

This workshop emphasized the value of the case method in the learning process. It is intended for all those with an interest in using case studies as a teaching tool, as well as those who are interested in research and development of such teaching cases.

This workshop was primarily meant for faculty who would like to adopt the case method in their classrooms, Case researchers and writers interested in developing cases and teaching notes.

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