Corridors in sports betting

What is a corridor in betting

The corridor is the difference between two opposite outcomes of a sporting event, on each of which the player makes a bet of the same type. It is possible to bet at several bookmakers parimatch bet, as well as in one BC, the main thing is to fit into this small interval.

The strategy is somewhat similar to the bookmaker's forks technique, where all potential outcomes are predicted and profit is accurately made. If the "tunnel" tactic plays out, there are three ways to win: passing a bet in one or the other office, at two bookmakers simultaneously.

Corridor strategy in betting

All windows are divided into negative and positive. Negative is the result when the bet does not hit the difference of the totals and the bettor suffers a financial loss. A positive option will bring a plus in all situations.

The main advantages of the strategy include:

  • Relatively small monetary risks. Even in the case of not hitting the desired corridor, the bettor loses only 10% of the amount bet.
  • The absence of returns on tunnels in almost all the BKs.
  • A more loyal attitude on the part of the studios. Despite the fact that the strategy is really winning, bookmakers rarely suppress it.
  • A large number of corridors on the same line. Appropriate conditions for the differences in the odds can be found fairly quickly, because the bookmakers' spreads are repeated very rarely and are unique.

In order for the corridors in sports betting to be profitable, you should choose the offices that do not have fundamental differences in the rules. It is also necessary to take into account the risks, such as injuries of athletes.

Before applying the strategy, the player should analyze the situation and determine what kind of bet is better to choose for a corridor. The tactic is applicable to bets with the total, on the handicap and on the outcome of the competition.

Corridor with a total

A more effective game on totals with the use of tunnels will provide the ability to compare quotes from different BCs online.

The amount played will compensate for the second, and the ratio of winning to failure is the corridor odds.

How to choose the right match for the corridors

This betting strategy will bring the desired result, if the bettor can choose the correct sporting event. Such matches should meet the following criteria:

  • Have such a width of the corridor, which gives the chances of passing both bets. Such tunnel will also be successful, in which the victory of one of the bets can return the money lost on the second bet.
  • Whatever the outcome of the match, one of the predictions must surely be a winning one.
  • The odds should be such that the player can distribute the money on both outcomes, and in case of not getting into the corridor, not to suffer significant losses.

To choose the right sporting event, the player needs to compare the odds, calculate the amounts of bets, and analyze the line of several bookmakers in detail. It should be done quickly because the quotes may change and found a wide corridor may narrow or disappear in just a few minutes.

Special services - scanners will help to quickly analyze and find matches for the corridors.

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