National event hosted at PIET

Report on 26th Student Management Games (SMG 2023) by AIMA

AIMA (All India Management Association) every year conducts Student Management games inviting college students to participate and learn. The competition is divided into several rounds, with each round representing a year of business operations. Each team was given a virtual company to manage and was required to make decisions on various aspects of the business, including production, sales, marketing, and finance. The decisions were entered into a computer program, which simulated the business operations and provided feedback on the results. The teams were judged based on their overall performance, including profitability, market share, customer satisfaction, and financial stability.
Regional Round
Regional round of 26th Student Management Games was held in the college from 11thApril to 13thApril. It was inaugurated by Hon’ble Director sir and Dean (SW). The competition was administered by AIMA and was open to all students of the various Business Schools from management field. The purpose of the competition was to provide students with a practical experience of running a business and to test their business skills in a simulated environment.

More than 30 Teams from across states viz. Rajasthan, Jammu & Kashmir, Punjab, Chandigarh, Haryana and Delhi participated in the event.

On 11th April – 12th April 2023, 5 rounds were conducted and the competition was among 29 teams divided in two groups Group A and Group B consisting of 15 and 14 teams respectively. A trial round was conducted to give an idea how the whole game will be played in further rounds. The cumulative profit after tax of five rounds was the main criteria to shortlist the teams for next round.
On 11th April, a trial round and 2 quarters were played amongst the teams whereas on 12th April 3 quarters were played The business given to the teams was a mobile manufacturing business having products PALM, MILLI, STICK and BONE. There were off-shore contracts which could be availed during the specified quarters.

From each group six teams were selected i.e. in total 12 teams were selected for Regional Round Finale. Regional Round Finale was conducted on 13th April 2023. The business in these rounds revolved around the steel industry and was a little bit difficult then earlier rounds business which was a mobile manufacturing business. Participants were also made aware that decisions for the business need to be taken by considering the various government rules and regulation in various rounds.

The winning team of Regional round was from Sangam University, Bhilwara and was awarded a cash prize of Rs. 2500. First and second Runner’s up position were bagged by team from PIET. Top three positions were selected from 12 teams and were invited to participate in semi finale conducted in Manav Rachna University, Faridabad.

Semi Final Round
From various regional rounds conducted all over India, 29 teams were shortlisted. These teams were divided in two groups that were Group A and Group B.
The business in these rounds revolved around the manufacturing of four products with use of two raw materials and belonged to the beverage (alcohol products) industry. In various rounds the participants were required to take various decision which relates to production capacity, sale price of products, whether to launch new products, for which marketing strategy to go for and how to make sure that they beat the average demand. One of the most challenging aspects of the competition was managing the finances of the company.

From each group 7 teams were selected for the final round. These teams were the ones who had shown consistency in all the rounds and were able to maintain a good amount of cumulative profits at the end of each quarter.
Final Round
The final round took place at AIMA’s central office in Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi. All the 14 teams were full of enthusiasm and ready for the finale. The business in the finale was a part of computer manufacturing industry. The competition was highly competitive, with all the teams displaying exceptional business acumen and strategic thinking.
In Finale, a computer manufacturing company having four products namely, Personal Computers (PCs), Standard Printers (SP), Smart Servers (SS) and Computer Peripherals (CPs) was given to the teams. The teams in various rounds were required to take major decisions like launch of products, decision to go for government tender, aspects about acquisitions of a company. The cumulative profit after tax was the winning criteria. At the end the results of all quarters were piled and team from Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology was declared as the National Champion of 26th Student Management Games. Chhavi, Riya, Ankush, and Lavisha from MBA Final Year were the winning team members. Overall, participating in the Business Simulation Competition was an enriching and rewarding experience for the teams.

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