Master Strokes

Cricket is a bat-and-ball sport played on a field by two teams of eleven players each. Cricket is something that every child enjoys. Cricket is just another metaphor for life. .Despite the game’s immense popularity in the subcontinent, very few actually ponder over aspects of the game that can turn out to be invaluable management lessons. THE FINISHING SCHOOL of DMS organized a cricket match for MBA students on December 10th, 2021. The game was played between MBA seniors and MBA juniors. Both teams fought hard against each other. The MBA Juniors’ victory brought the event to a happy conclusion. The match generated positive energy among both the players and the spectators.

The primary goal of organizing the event was to teach the life lessons to students. The key takeaway is the implementation of the principles of management from the playground to the workplace. The timing of decisions is critical because making the right decision at the right time and at the right point can lead to a team’s victory. Other lessons learned on the cricket field included remaining calm, never giving up, channelizing anger, being passionate about the goal, and perseverance.

Masterstrokes of Cricket’ taught in Seminar hall.

Cricket teaches many exciting lessons that every corporate executive can learn and apply in their professional lives. The second session was called ‘Masterstrokes of Cricket,’ and it consisted of management lessons delivered through short cricket video clips. Throughout the workshop, the students learned about collaboration, strategizing, dealing with pressure, and workplace diversity. The session concludes with excellent learning and exposure for the students.

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