Value Added Courses

Value Addition and Certification Courses

Emerging trends in technical and professional education call for value addition i.e. students must acquire something more than what is provided in the curriculum. Our college offers a wide variety of short-term certificate courses, which are conducted after class hours or during semester breaks. These courses are conducted by professionals and industry experts and help students stand apart from the rest in the job market by adding further value to their resume.

Oracle Academy Courses

Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology, entered into Oracle Academy membership agreement in July 2019. Under this agreement students and faculty members of PIET get access to world-class technology and software, expert curriculum, teaching and learning materials, professional development, software licenses, Oracle Application Express (APEX) workspaces and Oracle Academy Cloud Program for hands-on practice learning and developing. With Oracle Academy, students receive hands-on experience, projects and challenges, with the latest technologies, helping make them career ready in the era of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, the Internet of Things, and beyond.

IBM Courses

IBM and PIET have agreed, under the collaboration, to setup an IBM Software Lab on emerging technologies in the campus to help students and faculty members enhance their skills in areas of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, cyber security and blockchain etc. The aim is to develop sufficient skilled manpower on critical emerging technologies. IBM is to conduct various faculty development programs to enhance the capabilities of the institute faculty in the emerging technology areas. An innovative curriculum has been developed jointly for the programs delivered by the institution faculty. The curriculum caters to the various skill requirements of organizations across the world including banks, computer services, education, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, retail and other industries. The institution designated experts are available at the campus to conduct classes face to face, to ensure that the knowledge and skills are imparted effectively. An IBM Software Lab has been setup in the campus where IBM has provided relevant IBM software and curriculum contents for courses. The programs bring together the current software content, real-world industry experiences, hands on lab courses and case studies for the participants. Further under the program the institute faculty will be able to use the IBM software in the lab for their non-commercial research interests. For monitoring and review of activities a joint committee has been setup between the institution and IBM to recommend on course curriculum, content, delivery etc. Each program participant has access to the course material hosted on LMS from IBM with additional study material and resources to interact with experts & participate in discussions. The participating students will receive certification from IBM at the completion of the course and these students may have an opportunity to visit IBM centres from time-to-time for live industry experience.

Skillzcafe Courses

Skillzcafe is an online learning marketplace providing access to millions of students globally. At Skillzcafe we believe in enriching lives and perspectives through constant learning. We offer wide array of global courses ranging Full Stack Development to Artificial Intelligence to Personal Development, catering to diverse online learning community. Skillzcafe and PIET have partnered together to help students bridge the skill gap by providing project-based courses from global instructors. These courses help students solve real world problems and showcase their projects for placements. Learning Areas are identified based on trending topics in the Industry like Machine Learning, Data Science, Digital Marketing and many more, with students being constantly encouraged to participate in projects outside the allocated curriculum making them job ready and become talent of the future.

Spoken Tutorial Courses

PIET is the registered college for this program organized by Spoken Tutorials, IIT Bombay. The Spoken Tutorial Project is an initiative to talk about the activity of a teacher of the National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology (ICT) launched by the Ministry of Human Resource and Development, Government of India. The Spoken Tutorial Project of IIT Bombay (IITB) empowers faculty and students in free and open source software (FOSS). Foreign and engaging courses such as Python, Perl, BASH, GIMP, Blender for multimedia can be learned effectively through spoken tutorials. Attempt the exam and if they got more than 40% in the exam, they will get a course completion certificate. The courses are useful for both jobs (skill focus courses) and academics (syllabus focus courses). The program is funded by MHRD, Government. Of India. The training is on campus.

List of Value Added Courses
S. No. Courses Offered Name of Agency/Discipline
1 Advanced: Oracle Cloud – Autonomous Data Warehouse – Use a Machine Learning Notebook Oracle Academy Course
2 Accelerating Deep Learning with GPU (Online) IBM Course
3 Accessing Hadoop Data Using Hive (Online) IBM Course
4 Advanced lntroduction to Big Data – MBA Part 2 (Online) IBM Course
5 Advanced: Database – Traveler Assistance (Online) Oracle Academy Course
6 Advanced: Java Lambdas (Online) Oracle Academy Course
7 Advanced: Java Networking (Online) Oracle Academy Course
8 Advanced: Java Reflection (Online) Oracle Academy Course
9 Advanced: Oracle Big Data (Online) Oracle Academy Course
10 Advanced: Oracle Cloud – Autonomous Data Warehouse – Create a Machine Learning Notebook (Online) Oracle Academy Course
11 Agile Methodologies (Online) IBM Course
12 AI Services (Online) IBM Course
13 Analytics Industry Session (Online) IBM Course
14 Analyzing Big Data in R using Apache Spark (Online) IBM Course
15 Android CSE, IT, Computer Applications
16 AngularJS (Online) IBM Course
17 Apache Pig 101  (Online) IBM Course
18 Apply end to end security to a cloud application (Beta) (Online) IBM Course
19 Architectural Design Software for Civil Engineering CE
20 Artificial Intelligence in Business Management
21 Artificial Intelligence with Machine Learning in Java (Online) Oracle Academy Course
22 ASP. NET/ASP.NET using C++ CSE, IT, Computer Applications
24 AUTOCAD: 2D and 3D ME, CE
25 Beginner: APEX Startup Guide (Online) Oracle Academy Course
26 Beginner: Database – HealthOne Medical: Project (Online) Oracle Academy Course
27 Beginner: Database – OracleFlix (Online) Oracle Academy Course
28 Beginner: Database – Sports League (Online) Oracle Academy Course
29 Beginner: Dev Gym – Databases for Developers (Online) Oracle Academy Course
30 Beginner: Oracle – Live SQL (Online) Oracle Academy Course
31 Beginner: Oracle – Quick SQL (Online) Oracle Academy Course
32 Beginner: Oracle – SQL Data Modeler (Online) Oracle Academy Course
33 Beginner: Oracle – SQL Developer (Online) Oracle Academy Course
34 Beginner: Oracle Cloud – Autonomous Database Startup Guide (Online) Oracle Academy Course
35 Beginner: Oracle Cloud – SQL Developer Startup Guide (Online) Oracle Academy Course
36 Beyond the Basics: lstio and IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service (Online) IBM Course
37 Big Data 101 (Online) IBM Course
38 Big Data and Hadoop CSE, IT, Computer Applications
39 Big Data Architecture  (Online) IBM Course
40 Bitcoin 101 (Online) IBM Course
41 Blockchain Essentials v2 (Online) IBM Course
42 Build an loT Blockchain Network for a Supply Chain (Online) IBM Course
43 Build Swift Mobile Apps with Watson Al Services (Online) IBM Course
44 Build Your Own Chatbot (Online) IBM Course
45 Building Information Module CE
46 Building Robots with TJBot (Online) IBM Course
47 CAD for Civil Engineering CE
48 Clean Coding  (Online) IBM Course
49 Cloud Computing CSE, IT, Computer Applications
50 Cloud lndustry Session (Online) IBM Course
51 Cognitive Computing – Watson Studio (Online) IBM Course
52 Cognos Analytics: Dashboard and Stories (Online) IBM Course
53 Computing Skill Development Course-Beginners & Advance Computer Applications
54 Container & Kubernetes Essentials with IBM Cloud (Online) IBM Course
55 Controlling Hadoop Jobs Using Oozie (Online) IBM Course
56 Course on MATLAB ECE, ME
57 Data Analysis with Python  (Online) IBM Course
58 Data Analyst Bootcamp (Online) Skillzcafe Course
59 Data Privacy Fundamentals (Online) IBM Course
60 Data Science for Scala  (Online) IBM Course
61 Data Science Methodology  (Online) IBM Course
62 Data Science with Open Data (Online) IBM Course
63 Data Visualization  (Online) IBM Course
64 Data Visualization in Excel: All excel Charts and Graphs (Online) Skillzcafe Course
65 Data Visualization with Python (Online) IBM Course
66 Data Visualization with R  (Online) IBM Course
67 Database Design and Programming with PLSQL (Online) Oracle Academy Course
68 Database Design and Programming with SQL (Online) Oracle Academy Course
69 Database Fundamentals  (Online) IBM Course
70 Deep Analytics Edition – OneWEX (Online) IBM Course
71 Deep Learning Fundamentals (Online) IBM Course
72 Deep Learning with TensorFlow  (Online) IBM Course
73 Deployment of Private Cloud (Online) IBM Course
74 Design Thinking  (Online) IBM Course
75 Developing Distributed Applications Using ZooKeeper (Online) IBM Course
76 DevOps (Online) IBM Course
77 Digital Analytics & Regression (Online) IBM Course
78 Digital and Social Media Marketing Management
79 Digital Illustration Textile Engineering
80 Digital marketing (Online) Skillzcafe Course
81 Digital Marketing Advertising Masterclass (online) Skillzcafe Course
82 Docker & Kubernetes (Online) IBM Course
83 Docker Essentials: A Developer lntroduction (Online) IBM Course
84 Exploring Spark’s GraphX (Online) IBM Course
85 Export-Import Documentation Management
86 Financial Modeling Management
87 Fundamentals of loT (Online) IBM Course
88 Game-playing AI with Swift for TensorFlow (S4TF) (Online) IBM Course
89 General Aptitude Course All Programs
90 Getting started with Microservices with lstio and IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service (Online) IBM Course
91 Google Ads/Ads world Masterclass (Online) Skillzcafe Course
92 Green Energy Solutions ME
93 Hadoop 101 (Online) IBM Course
94 Hardware Electronics and IoT ECE
95 How to Build Watson Al & Swift APls and Make Money (Online) IBM Course
96 IBM Blockchain Foundation Developer (Online) IBM Course
97 IBM Cloud Essentials (Online) IBM Course
98 IBM Cloud Fundamentals  (Online) IBM Course
99 Intermediate/Advanced: Oracle Analytics Cloud (Online) Oracle Academy Course
100 Intermediate/Advanced: Oracle Analytics Desktop (Online) Oracle Academy Course
101 Intermediate: Application Builder – Creating a Database Application in APEX (Online) Oracle Academy Course
102 Intermediate: Database – Student Administration (Online) Oracle Academy Course
103 Intermediate: Oracle – SQL Review (SELECT, Functions, JOINs, Subqueries) (Online) Oracle Academy Course
104 Internet of Things ECE, CSE
105 Introduction to Big Data, Hadoop & Ecosystem (Online) IBM Course
106 Java Foundations (Online) Oracle Academy Course
107 Java Fundamentals (Online) Oracle Academy Course
108 Java Programming (Online) Oracle Academy Course
109 JavaScript (Online) IBM Course
110 ldentity and Access Management  (Online) IBM Course
111 Leadership and Team Management Management
112 lntroduction to Big Data – MBA Part 1  (Online) IBM Course
113 lntroduction to Cloud (Beta) (Online) IBM Course
114 lntroduction to Data Science (Online) IBM Course
115 lntroduction to Machine Learning with Sound (Online) IBM Course
116 Logistics & Supply Chain Management Management, ME
117 Machine Learning CSE, IT, Computer Applications
118 Machine Learning & Deep Learning Bootcamp (Online) Skillzcafe Course
119 Machine Learning Dimensionality Reduction (Online) IBM Course
120 Machine Learning Services with Watson Studio (Online) IBM Course
121 Machine learning with Apache SystemML  (Online) IBM Course
122 Machine Learning with Python (Online) IBM Course
123 Machine Learning with R  (Online) IBM Course
124 MapReduce and YARN  (Online) IBM Course
125 Marketing Analytics Bootcamp (Online) Skillzcafe Course
126 Marketing and Merchandising Management
127 Mathematical Optimization for Business Problems (Online) IBM Course
128 Micro Architecture and lmplementation (Online) IBM Course
129 Moving Data into Hadoop  (Online) IBM Course
130 National Institute of Securities Markets Management
131 Negotiation, Mediation, and Conflict Resolution Management
132 Node RED (Online) IBM Course
133 NodeJS  (Online) IBM Course
134 Node-RED: Basics to Bots (Online) IBM Course
135 NoSQL – MongoDB  (Online) IBM Course
136 NoSQL and DBaaS 101 (Online) IBM Course
137 NSE Academy Certification in Financial Markets Management
138 Personality Development Program All Programs
139 PHP web application on a LAMP Stack (Beta) (Online) IBM Course
140 Planning Analytics (Online) IBM Course
141 Practical Photoshop: Create 40 Graphic Design Projects (Online) Skillzcafe Course
142 Predictive Analytics (Statistics)  (Online) IBM Course
143 Predictive Analytics Modeller (Online) IBM Course
144 Predictive Modeling Fundamentals I  (Online) IBM Course
145 Product Design ME
146 Production and Operations Management ME
147 Programming with Python All Programs
148 Public Speaking Management
149 Python  (Online) IBM Course
150 Python bootcamp 2020 build 15 working applications and games (Online) Skillzcafe Course
151 Python for Data Science (Online) IBM Course
152 R 101 (Online) IBM Course
153 Rapid Development for Al – Watson Services (Online) IBM Course
154 Reactive Architecture: Building Scalable Systems (Online) IBM Course
155 Reactive Architecture: CQRS and Event Sourcinq (Online) IBM Course
156 Reactive Architecture: Distributed Messaging Patterns (Online) IBM Course
157 Reactive Architecture: Domain Driven Design (Online) IBM Course
158 Reactive Architecture: lntroduction to Reactive Systems (Online) IBM Course
159 Reactive Architecture: Reactive Microservices (Online) IBM Course
160 REST API  (Online) IBM Course
161 Retail Management and Merchandising Management
162 Robots are comingl Build loT apps with Watson Al, Swift, and Node-RED (Online) IBM Course
163 Scala 101 (Online) IBM Course
164 Scalable web applications on Kubernetes (Beta) (Online) IBM Course
165 Sectoral Analytics Advanced – Finance (Online) IBM Course
166 Sectoral Analytics Advanced – HR  (Online) IBM Course
167 Sectoral Analytics Advanced – Marketing (Online) IBM Course
168 Sectoral Analytics Fundamentals – HR (Online) IBM Course
169 Sectoral Analytics Fundamentals – Marketing (Online) IBM Course
170 Sectoral Analytics Fundamentals Finance (Online) IBM Course
171 Sectoral Analytics Fundamentals Operations (Online) IBM Course
172 Simplifying Data Pipelines with Apache Kafka (Online) IBM Course
173 Social Media Marketing Masterclass (Online) Skillzcafe Course
174 Social Network Analysis CSE
175 Soft Skill Development All Programs
176 Software Foundation Course – Basic  (Online) IBM Course
177 Software Foundation Course – C  (Online) IBM Course
178 Software Foundation Course – C++  (Online) IBM Course
179 Solid Works: Drafting, Assembly and Sheet Metal Design ME
180 Solr 101 (Online) IBM Course
181 Spark & Scala Fundamentals (Online) IBM Course
182 Spark Fundamentals I  (Online) IBM Course
183 Spark Fundamentals II (Online) IBM Course
184 Spark Mllib  (Online) IBM Course
185 Spark Overview for Scala Analytics (Online) IBM Course
186 Spring Framework Course (Online) IBM Course
187 SQL Access for Hadoop  (Online) IBM Course
188 SQL and Relational Databases 101  (Online) IBM Course
189 SQL Masterclass: SQL for Data Analytics (Online) Skillzcafe Course
190 Statistics 101  (Online) IBM Course
191 Structural Analysis and Design with STAAD-Pro CE
192 Text Analytics 101  (Online) IBM Course
193 The Complete SEO Training Masterclass 2020 (Online) Skillzcafe Course
194 Using HBase for Realtime Access to your Big Data (Online) IBM Course
195 Using R with Databases  (Online) IBM Course
196 Web Development using HTML (Online) IBM Course
197 Web Services  (Online) IBM Course
198 Zero To Hero in Microsoft Excel: Complete Excel guide (Online) Skillzcafe Course
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