Information Regarding PIET Quest-2018

  • The participants of PIET Quest will board college bus from their respective bus stops/Schools. The details of buses and routes are available on piet.co.in.
  • The faculty member escorting the students in the buses will get registration sheets from Dr. Vinay Khatri (Coordinator, Registration PIET Quest-2018) and food coupons from Mr. Rattandeep Aneja (Coordinator, Hospitality PIET Quest-2018) respectively.
  • Faculty member present in the bus will do registration of all the students in the bus itself.
  • All the students in the bus will be given a badge, refreshment coupon and lunch coupon. The badge with unique registration number will be having details of Student Name, Login ID etc.
  • All the students need to carry this badge till the end of the event. The Registration number specified in the badge will be used for logging in to the online PIET Quest test portal. This badge is essential and to be produced at the time of activities like Lucky Draw etc.
  • On reaching PIET Campus, the buses will drop the students in front of the Amphitheater where group photograph of the school will be clicked after this the students will move to the buildings for the online test.
  • For students arriving on their own conveyance or reaching PIET campus directly, will need to register themselves at the registration desk.
  • Dr. Vinay Kharti and Dr. Jugmender will ensure that the students reaching PIET directly are registered at the registration desk. They will be given a badge, refreshment and lunch coupon. Students have to then move to labs for online test.
  • Students will then be escorted by the faculty member of bus to labs for giving online test. The faculty member in respective labs will then be the In-charge of students.
  • In case if all the Labs are occupied then the students will wait in the waiting area of the respective buildings as per the details given below (For students giving test in Net-cafe the waiting area will be Block A):
Block Name Room Number
D- Block Seminar Hall Second Floor
E- Block Seminar Hall Second Floor
A- Block A-108
  • Discipline Committee members should be available for maintaining proper discipline in the labs and seminar halls. 
  • Faculty In-charges escorting the students in buses will submit the filled registration sheets to Dr. Vinay Kharti or Dr. Jugmender Singh (and return the remaining coupons to Mr. Rattandeep Aneja).
  • After the online test, refreshments will be given to students near the Main Pandal by the hospitality committee.
  • The students will then move to Main Pandal where further events like PDP,   Counseling session etc will take place.
  • Principals and teachers from various schools will be welcomed at the  Canteen Area and served refreshments and lunch.
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