PIET Quest 2023

Core Committee

A committee of under mentioned members has been constituted for the smooth planning and conduct of PIET QUEST-2023.

S. No. Name Responsibility Department
1. Mr. Amit Dubey Convenor ME
2. Mr. Sandeep Singh Bindra Co-Convenor CSE
3. Mr. Rohit Sharma Co-Convenor MCA
4. Mr. Ravi Dhawan Event Coordinator PRO
5. Ms. Pooja Gupta Coordinator – Result/ Record Compilation BBA
6. Mr. Amit Batra Coordinator – OMR Evaluation CSE
7. Dr. Vikas Tyagi In Charge – Delhi/ Narela MBA
8. Dr. Dalbir In Charge – Sonepat/ Kharkhoda BBA               
9. Mr. Naveen Kumar In Charge – Gannaur ME
10. Ms. Preeti Dahiya In Charge – Panipat BBA
11. Mr. Sumit Rana In Charge – Gharaunda CSE
12. Mr. Sandeep Singh Bindra In Charge – Karnal/ Jundla/ Nissing CSE
13. Mr. Harish Saini In Charge – Nilokheri/ Taraori/  Kurukshetra CSE
14. Mr. Bhupinder In Charge – Rohtak ME
15. Mr. Pankaj Batra In Charge – Jind/ Narwana ECE
16. Mr. Mohit In Charge – Shamli BBA
17. Mr. Dinesh Kumar In Charge – Samalkha ASH
18. Dr. Dinesh Verma In Charge – Assandh/ Safidon MCA
19. Ms. Shally Chawla In Charge – Gohana ME
20. Mr. Sandeep Chaudhary In Charge – Baghpat/ Baraut Marketing
21. Mr. Naeem In Charge – Kairana CE
22. Dr. Rajinder Saini In Charge – Kaithal/ Pundri CSE
  1. Area In-charges can form their teams for visiting schools as per their requirements.
  2. Faculty members going to conduct examination in schools will collect all the requisite materials from Ravi Dhawan, PRO and the OMR sheets shall be collected from the Individual Area In-charges.
  3. The OMR sheets of the examination should be submitted to area In-charges mentioned above, after conduction of the test.
  4. Individual area In-charges will forward the OMR sheets to Pooja Gupta for evaluation and preparation of result.
  5. Every school will be allocated a unique code which will be filled by the students on the OMR sheets during test.
  6. School code will be allocated by Amit Dubey, if any new school is added to the area the code for that school will be allocated by the convener.
  7. OMR sheets must be handled carefully as if they are damaged then the OMR reader will not be able to capture the data.
  8. After conduction of the test in schools the question papers should be collected back from the students and reused for other schools.
  9. Students should not write anything on the question paper.
  10. The Poster of PIET Quest-2023 and OMR sheets will be available in the Institute. Area In-charges may plan their visits to schools accordingly.
  11. HODs should consider the engagement of the respective faculty members while allocating departmental responsibilities to them, as they constitute core team for PIET Quest-2023, which is an institutional activity of utmost importance.
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