Orientation Programme


AARAMBH –Orientation Program (2019)

Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology is not just an institution but a home away from home, dedicatedly working towards building future of many and for many. Department of Computer Applications is working hard to fulfill all the dreams of students who have joined this institute for becoming graduates and post graduates in Computer Applications. Hence as per the guidelines of AICTE the Department organizes three days long Orientation Program, titled as AARAMBH, to allow the students some time to adapt to their changing lives, their changing routines and changing responsibilities. The department considers the holistic development of students of utmost importance and the pool of excellent faculty puts up all possible efforts for the same. Every year this event is organized for new students to provide them direction and guidance for their courses. They are introduced with each other and with their faculty. They are informed about their curriculum and events to be held in campus on different occasions. The second aspect of the role of orientation programme is acclimating students to their new environment. After moving into a new neighborhood, one would ideally like a few days to learn one’s way around the new neighborhood. Likewise, orientation should allow students to get their bearings in their new home. For some students, going to college is their first time away from home, so orientation should give them time to become familiar with their new surroundings. New students should meet their roommates and find their classrooms. Through guided tours, campus maps, or even time to just wander, orientation provides a safe avenue for new students to find their way around campus. By moving on campus before classes starts, the new students are able to learn the ropes and not seem so green by the time the academic year begins. Students should become familiar with both physical locations and the workings of the environment during orientation.

This year AARAMBH was organized on 30th July– 1st August, 2019, scheduled as follows

Day1 -30th July, 2019

The students were welcomed by faculty members of department, they were registered for their course and given all material related to curriculum. The new batch was taken for campus and hostel visit in different groups to make them acquainted with their surroundings and to help them to feel at home. And like every home has certain rules and code of conduct to be followed so does PIET, Students were informed about such code of conduct and their importance while their stay in PIET. Motivational lectures were delivered faculties.

Day2- 31st July, 2019

On day two, PIET very proudly welcomed Mr. Surya Narain Bahadur, a renowned Transformation Enabler Resource Person & Corporate Trainer at Confluence Training and Development, for enlightening students to show them the way towards a better and brighter future. He told students the importance of their course and future aspects of BCA Course. With the help of different games and stories he motivated students for participation in each type of activity whether in academic or any extracurricular activity. Surya sir trained them with occupational skills, standard operation procedure, self-confidence and self-discipline, growth mind set and the culture of accountability.

Day 3- 1st Aug, 2019

Mr. Rakesh Tayal, member BOG, discussed and informed students about latest uptrend learning Technology as Flipped –Learning (is an instructional strategy that reverses the traditional learning environment by delivering the instructional content, outside of the classroom),Blended Learning and Classroom 2020. He Director, Dr. Shakti Kumar, introduced the students with Revolution 4.0, the fourth industrial revolution and updated students with artificial intelligence and various projects going on in the college related to the same.

Dr. Dinesh Verma, Head, Dept. of Computer Applications. Welcomed the new entrants and introduced the students to members of faculty.

New Students then introduced themselves so that each one can be familiar with others and participated in a cultural program.

And hence a remarkable journey of 2019-20 begins with a new batch …

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