Orientation Programme


No one can whistle a symphony. It takes the whole orchestra to play it”.

With the aim of making the students acquainted with the subjects, innovative style of learning teaching and also to familiarize students with the departmental system and culture, “ANUSTHAPAN 2K21,” the one-week Orientation program, was organized for the new entrants in the Department of Management Studies, PIET from October 18th to October 22nd, October 2018.

Day 1: 18th October’21:

On the very first day of the program, Dr. Akhilesh Mishra, HOD of the Department of Management Studies, trained the students on “Why Strategy Matters.” He stressed the importance of creating strategies with some practical examples. With the help of stories, he taught management lessons to the students.

Following this interesting and thought-provoking session, the senior batch of students engaged in a few activities to help the students feel more energized and at ease. Mr. Parikshit Vaid then led session two on “Earth is Flat.” This session was eye-opening for all of the students because it focused on scientific facts and myths. Mr. Vaid compelled the students to think and grow intellectually in order to be successful in life, using his invaluable insights.

Mr. Vikas Nain led the third session on “Life’s Masterstrokes.” He used graphics, short videos, and stories to teach students important management skills, which was both commendable and enjoyable. His one-of-a-kind presentation and teaching style captivated the students.

The students were enthusiastic about all three sessions. The first day establishes the tone for the entire week. Ms. Jayti Mahajan then successfully concluded the day, to thunderous applause from the students.

Day 2: 19th October’21:

The second day began with a fantastic session by Dr. Ankur on “Recent Trends in Marketing.” This session was crucial in helping students understand the importance of marketing as a subject. Following that, an ice-breaking activity was carried out. Dr. Himanshu then led the second session of the day on the topic “Lateral Thinking.” Riddles and puzzles were used to engage the students in this topic. The use of worksheets to facilitate brainstorming made the session truly interesting and insightful.

Ms. Jayti Mahajan led the third session on “sports activity” in the playground. This session was designed to teach them the importance of teamwork, leadership, and mental presence through various games such as dog in the pond, tug of war etc.  These activities gave students a clear understanding of the teaching style and also helped in expanding their thought process.  

Day 3  20th October ’21 :

After two days of successful ice-breaking sessions by the talented mentors, the programme was then organised in Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Auditorium with a warm welcome of all the freshers and dignitaries by tilak. The programme began with full enthusiasm and excitement. The day started with the welcome dance by the seniors. Anchors followed up with the gist and USP of DMS. Later, it was addressed by Dr. Akhilesh Mishra, the deserving Head of the Department of Management Studies. He introduced the department faculty team; he explained their educational qualifications, areas of interest, and specialization. He also gave a virtual tour of the college to new students. HoD and DMS also discussed the various events planned for the students throughout the whole semester. After the detailed orientation speech by the worthy HoD, DMS, the students were addressed by Prof. (Dr.) B.B. Sharma, Dean Student Welfare; Prof. (Dr.) V.A. Athawale, Dean Engineering; Prof. (Dr.) DPS Chauhan, Dean Academics; Prof. (Dr.) Shakti Kumar, Director PIET; Sh. ShubhamTayal, Member BoG; Sh. Rakesh Tayal, Vice Chairman, PIET; Sh. Suresh Tayal, Member Secretary, PIET; and Sh.HariomTayal, Honorable Chairman, PIET. All the dignitaries addressed the students and motivated them with their words of wisdom. The programme also included various dances and games so as to boost the students’ spirits and bring out the best of their talents. The day also became memorable for senior-junior interaction.

The programme ended with a significantly impactful note by motivating the students to achieve great heights.

DAY 4: 21st October’21:

On the fourth day, Mr. Surya Narain Bahadur, a renowned transformation enabler resource person and corporate trainer at Confluence Training and Development, led a workshop on motivation, guidance, and career counselling. Mr. Surya, as he is affectionately known in the industry, captivated students’ attention with various management games, team-building activities, inspirational videos, and presentations, and shared his wealth of experience with them in his inimitable style. The students learned mind-sharpening and memory-enhancing techniques after attending a workshop on “GUNG-HO” by Mr. Surya Narain Bahadur, who astounded the students with his phenomenal ability to engage students. The worthy management organized a luncheon for the students too. The day saw its fruition on a perfect happy note.

DAY 5:  22nd October’21

Dr. Suman Dahiya led a yoga and meditation session on the final day of Orientation Week. She practised various yoga postures, pranayama, and meditation, which proved to be very effective techniques for releasing stress from the body and mind as a whole. The students actually learned how to do the asanas and were engaged throughout the class.

The purpose of the planned itinerary came to its successful fruition as all the members of the faculty tried making a congenial environment for all the new students.

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