Orientation Programme

Orientation Programme MBA (2023)


We are delighted to present a comprehensive report on “ANUSTHAPAN – 2023,” the meticulously organized Orientation Program and Induction Week by the Department of Management Studies, spanning from 4th August 2023 to 11th August 2023. The week-long event aimed to immerse the MBA Ist Semester Batch 2023-25 into the academic journey and instill a holistic understanding of their program.

Day 1 – 4th August 2023 (Friday):

Venue: Seminar Hall, D – Block

Students reported to the Seminar Hall under the guidance of respective class in-charges:

  • Ms. Manju, Assistant Professor – Class In-charge Section A
  • Dr. Annu Dahiya, Assistant Professor – Class In-charge Section B
  • Prof. Himanshu, Professor – Class In-charge Section C

Personality Development Session led by Mr. Surya Narain Bahadur, Transformation Enabler, Corporate Trainer.

Day 2 – 7th August 2023 (Monday):

Venue: Dr. APJ Auditorium

The Orientation Day of ANUSTHAPAN – 2023 marked a significant and auspicious beginning, characterized by a series of enlightening and engaging events. Held at the Dr. APJ Auditorium, the inauguration set the tone for a week of insightful exploration and learning for the MBA Ist Semester Batch 2023-25.

The key highlights of the inaugural session were as follows:

Saraswati Vandana and Lamp Lighting: The proceedings commenced with a reverential Saraswati Vandana, invoking the blessings of knowledge and wisdom. The traditional Lamp Lighting ceremony symbolized the dispelling of darkness through knowledge and marked the formal inauguration of the event.

Cultural Performances: The cultural performances that followed added a vibrant touch to the occasion. Students showcased their diverse talents through music, dance, and other artistic expressions, fostering a sense of unity and celebration.

Introduction by Prof. Akhilesh Mishra: Prof. Akhilesh Mishra, the esteemed Head of the Department of Management Studies, welcomed the fresh batch with enthusiasm and warmth. He introduced students to the department’s ethos, values, and commitment to holistic education.

Insights on Career Planning by Dr. Aparajita Prasad: Dr. Aparajita Prasad, Director at PwC, provided valuable insights into career planning and the myriad opportunities that await MBA graduates in the evolving professional landscape.

Leadership and Management Discourse by Mr. Avinash Mittal: Mr. Avinash Mittal, Director at Telenor, delved into the realm of leadership and management, sharing real-world experiences and insights that resonated with aspiring managers.

Maximizing Learning from MBA Program by Prof. S K Bedi: Prof. S K Bedi, a distinguished Professor Emeritus, offered an enlightening discourse on how students could maximize their learning journey during the MBA program, fostering personal and professional growth.

Address by PIET Management: Sh. Hariom Tayal ji, Chairman of PIET, and Mr. Shubham Tayal, Member of the Board of Governors, shared their perspective on education and its transformative impact on students’ lives.

MOU Signing and Felicitation: An important milestone was achieved with the signing of an MOU between DMS, PIET, and YUNGMINDS. This collaboration aims to foster innovation and growth in the academic and professional realms. The esteemed guests were felicitated for their presence and valuable contributions.

Vote of Thanks: Prof. Akhilesh Mishra extended a heartfelt vote of thanks to all participants, guests, and contributors who made the inaugural session a resounding success. The promise of a week filled with learning, self-discovery, and growth was palpable in the air.

Day 3 – 8th August 2023 (Tuesday):

Venue: Seminar Hall, D – Block

  • Mr. Priyanshu Gandhi: “Secrets of Success”

Mr. Priyanshu Gandhi, a seasoned professional and accomplished individual, took the stage to share invaluable insights into the “Secrets of Success.” With an engaging delivery style, he captivated the audience’s attention while delving into the core principles and practices that drive success in various spheres of life. Mr. Gandhi’s talk emphasized the importance of self-motivation, perseverance, continuous learning, and maintaining a positive attitude as key elements on the path to success. His anecdotes and practical tips resonated with the audience, inspiring them to channel their efforts effectively and embark on a journey of achievement.

  • Dr. Sonu Kumari and Dr. Ankur Sabharwal: “The Art of Effective Reading and Writing”

Dr. Sonu Kumari and Dr. Ankur Sabharwal, esteemed faculty members of the Department of Management Studies, teamed up to conduct a session on “The Art of Effective Reading and Writing.” Their presentation aimed to equip students with essential skills that are fundamental to academic and professional success. Through interactive discussions and practical exercises, they covered strategies for enhancing reading comprehension, critical thinking, and concise and impactful written communication. The session was a testament to their commitment to nurturing holistic skill sets among students, ensuring their readiness for the challenges of the academic and professional world.

  • Prof. Vinay Nangia: “Getting Ready for the Future”

Prof. Vinay Nangia, a seasoned academic and mentor, guided students through the thought-provoking topic of “Getting Ready for the Future.” His talk encompassed a broad spectrum of aspects, including the ever-evolving job market, technological advancements, and the skill sets that will be crucial for success in the future. Prof. Nangia’s insights were a blend of foresight and practical wisdom, encouraging students to be adaptable, open to continuous learning, and proactive in preparing for the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. The session left attendees with a sense of purpose and a clear perspective on the importance of being future-ready.

Day 4 – 9th August 2023 (Wednesday):

Venue: Seminar Hall, D – Block

  • Dr. Ambika Rathi: “Game Based Learning”

Dr. Ambika Rathi, an expert in innovative teaching methodologies, introduced the concept of “Game Based Learning” to the students. Her session was an exploration of the power of gamification in education. Through interactive discussions and activities, Dr. Rathi demonstrated how incorporating game elements into learning can enhance engagement, motivation, and overall understanding of complex concepts. The session left students intrigued by the potential of gamification as an effective tool for making the learning experience more dynamic and enjoyable.

  • Prof. Akhilesh Mishra: Ice-breaking Session

Prof. Akhilesh Mishra, the Head of the Department of Management Studies, orchestrated an engaging ice-breaking session. Focused on fostering camaraderie and creating a comfortable environment for students, the activity encouraged them to interact, communicate, and collaborate in a relaxed setting. Prof. Mishra’s approach not only helped participants become more familiar with their peers but also set a positive tone for future interactions within the group.

  • AIMA BIZZ LAB: Prof. Himanshu and Mr. Amit Singla

The day was further enriched by the AIMA BIZZ LAB session, conducted by Prof. Himanshu and Mr. Amit Singla. The session provided an opportunity for students to delve into practical business scenarios and problem-solving exercises. Through interactive case studies, discussions, and collaborative brainstorming, participants were challenged to apply their theoretical knowledge to real-world situations. Prof. Himanshu and Mr. Amit Singla’s facilitation fostered critical thinking and honed the students’ ability to analyze complex business challenges.

Day 5 – 10th August 2023 (Thursday):

Venue: Seminar Hall, D – Block

  • Prof. Biranchi Narayan Swar: “The Journey of MBA and Way Forward”

Prof. Biranchi Narayan Swar, the Dean of MDI, Murshidabad, took the stage to delve into “The Journey of MBA and Way Forward.” Drawing from his extensive experience, Prof. Swar guided students through the essential phases of an MBA program, emphasizing the significance of experiential learning, networking, and personal growth. His insights offered a holistic view of the MBA journey, preparing students to embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

  • Time Management Insights by Dr. Preeti Gugnani and Mr. Ravi Koul

Dr. Preeti Gugnani and Mr. Ravi Koul, esteemed faculty members, shared invaluable insights on time management. Their session addressed the quintessential skill of effectively managing one’s time amidst the demands of an MBA program. Through practical tips, strategies, and anecdotes, they empowered students to strike a balance between academic commitments, personal life, and extracurricular pursuits.

  • “Question the Answers” Session by Mr. Parikshit

Mr. Parikshit, an accomplished Assistant Professor, led a session titled “Question the Answers.” Encouraging a spirit of critical thinking, Mr. Parikshit engaged participants in challenging conventional wisdom, questioning assumptions, and exploring alternative viewpoints. The session fostered an environment of intellectual curiosity, enabling students to refine their analytical skills and broaden their perspectives.

Day 6 – 11th August 2023 (Friday):

Venue: Seminar Hall, D – Block

The final day of ANUSTHAPAN – 2023 was marked by thought-provoking sessions that focused on the evolving landscape of marketing trends and the significance of emotional well-being. The day concluded with a campus visit that provided students with a tangible connection to their academic environment.

  • Mr. Paras Kochhar: “Reimagining Marketing Trends”

Mr. Paras Kochhar, an accomplished professional and Vice President of Sales at Eazydiner, took the stage to explore the dynamic world of “Reimagining Marketing Trends.” Through engaging anecdotes and industry insights, Mr. Kochhar shed light on the transformative shifts in marketing strategies and the integration of digital platforms. His session encouraged students to view marketing as a fluid, adaptive field that requires continuous innovation and an acute understanding of consumer behavior.

  • Dr. Suman: “Healing from Within: Meditation for Emotional Well-being”

Dr. Suman, an experienced Associate Professor, guided students through the transformative journey of “Healing from Within: Meditation for Emotional Well-being.” In a world filled with rapid changes and stress, her session focused on the importance of emotional resilience and mental well-being. Dr. Suman led participants through meditation exercises designed to foster emotional balance, self-awareness, and mindfulness. The session left students equipped with tools to navigate the challenges of their academic and personal lives with a sense of inner calm.

  • Campus Visit for Students

The day culminated with a campus visit, providing students with an opportunity to immerse themselves in the physical environment that would play a pivotal role in their academic journey. The visit allowed them to explore the facilities, connect with their peers, and gain a sense of familiarity with the campus layout. This hands-on experience further solidified their connection to the institution and the promising path they were embarking upon.

As ANUSTHAPAN – 2023 drew to a close, the students were equipped with a wealth of knowledge, practical insights, and holistic perspectives that would serve as the foundation for their MBA journey. The diverse range of sessions, coupled with the immersive campus visit, encapsulated the comprehensive nature of the program and the Department’s commitment to fostering well-rounded individuals prepared for the challenges of the future.

This week-long ANUSTHAPAN event provided an immersive introduction to the MBA program, offering a comprehensive blend of academic, personal development, and industry insights.

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