International Internships/Student Exchange Programs

International Internships/Student Exchange Programs

The institute has distinguished itself for being a centre for promotion of multi-disciplinary thinking among the students through internships, exchange programs and trainings offered on national and international platforms. These activities are aligned with the missions of creating a stimulating environment in the institute making students ready to accept and meet challenges in the real world followed by professional success.

International Internship Programs

These programs take place during the summer months, typically lasting anywhere from a few weeks to up to two months through the collaborations with reputed foreign partner universities and corporate. These are ideal platforms to blend and understand the theoretical aspects with current and future industrial trends and patterns. Summer programs also offer students the opportunity to make the most of their academic curriculum.

Choosing a summer study abroad program is a great way to bring college education to life, gain international experience for today’s global market and discover the world. Summer study abroad programs are the perfect way for students to balance their desire for international exploration with their commitment to making the most of campus life. The institute has constructed concrete linkages with industry and corporate to leverage our students for internships. Our internship module, for bright students, abroad in USA, UK, Germany, Sweden, Holland, Singapore, Cambodia, Czeck Republic etc., provides world-class training.

Student Exchange Program

Under this program, students stay at the host institute’s campus for a specified period and work on open projects, learn new technologies and mingle with the local students making new friends. Student Exchange Program is one of the avenues to expose students to a different culture, language and work environment. Thus students develop tolerance and grow up as mature professionals.

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