Green Concept

Water Conservation

The water conservation initiatives in the institute are broadly categorized into use of the extracted water through bore wells for day today use and the seasonal rain water that gets collected in the campus. The installed capacity of overhead water tanks in various blocks is 850000 liters. The stored water in overhead tanks is economically used in various campus facilities and its spillage is avoided using the sensor based stop relays, sensor based taps, regular monitoring and maintenance of valves etc. The rain water is harvested to the best for its recharge and infiltration into the ground.

Waste Water Recycling

The institute has a sewage treatment plant (STP) of 35000 lit/day capacity and an associated waste water (recycling) pumping system for gardening purpose. The waste water recycling system comprises of a pumping unit and connected pipeline network.

Sewage treatment and waste water recycling unit

Rain Water Harvesting in Roof-tops

The rain water collected in rooftops is channeled to underground water collecting tanks distributed at different places in the campus. The water thus collected is clean and is further delivered to the bore well recharge systems.

Rain Water Collected in Open Grounds

Most of the rain water collected on high areas is systematically diverted to large grounds spread around for further outward natural passages and lateral infiltration. Some of the lower area such as open air auditorium are provided with an underground tank with filter media and recharge shafts to facilitate infiltration.

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