Lab Electronics & Communication

Electronics and communication engineering is the study of transmitting, processing and receiving of analog/digital information through electronic devices. ECE is one of the most popular branches of engineering using the technology of information and communication to bring the radical changes in the field of communication, entertainment and human relationships. The curriculum of ECE is well designed to provide a sound base in semiconductor technology, basic electrical technology, electronic instrumentation, communication, signal processing, digital design and implementation using HDL and microwave etc.

Electrical Technology Laboratory

The ET lab provides practical understanding of various network theorems and demonstrates the operation of AC/DC machines. Various experimentation facilities like verification of basic principles for electrical circuits are available. This laboratory introduces the students to study and analyze the operation of Transformer, AC/DC machines. Ammeter, Voltmeter, Wattmeter and multimeters are available in this laboratory.

Semiconductor Device Circuit Laboratory

This laboratory provide the hands-on-training at the undergraduate level to identify and learn the characteristics of basic active and passive components like Resistor, Inductor, Capacitor, PN Junction diode, BJTs, FETs, UJTs, MOSFETs, OP-AMPs, Integarted Circuits etc. CROs, function generators, regulated power supply, bread boards multimeters are available in this laboratory. Stress is given on the design and implementation of circuits using components and bread boards.

Communication Laboratory

This laboratory takes care of understanding the basic communication principles of both analog and digital world. It provides ample opportunities for the graduates to understand the various modulation/demodulation techniques and sampling process of a signal. The students practically learn the transmission, processing and reconstruction of a signal at the receiver end. The characteristics of analog/digital signal is analyzed at both transmitting and receiver end. The equipments like DSOs, CROs, Function generators and various trainer kits are available in this lab.

Digital Signal Processing Laboratory

This laboratory provides hands on training of signal processing techniques. It provides ample opportunities for the students to develop algorithms and implement in MATLAB. In addition to the above this laboratory also facilitates the students to make their minor/major project in the area of signal processing. The major equipments in this lab are Personal Computers, MATLAB software and DSP Trainer boards.

Microprocessor Laboratory

Microprocessor lab is equipped with 8085 and 8086 microprocessors, various interfacing devices, Kiel Software, 8051 Microcontroller etc. The graduates learn the operation of microprocessor at bit level with the help of various commands available in the respective instruction set of the device.

VLSI Laboratory

This lab helps the student to familarize with the VLSI design and implementation flow for digital electronic circuits. The students learn the basic difference between implementation of logic circuit functionality in software and hardware. The VHDL/Verilog hardware description language is used to model, compile, debug, simulate, synthesize and implement the functionality of a digital hardware. The lab is equipped with Personnel computers, up-to-date industry standard softwares like QuestSim 10.2b, Leonardo Spectrum synthesizer, Xilinx ISE and hardware kits like VLSI Universal boards, VLSI Trainer boards with FPGA and CPLD modules. This lab also provides the opportunities for the students to develop their minor/major projects.

Microwave Engineering Laboratory

Microwaves have made a great impact on our society with the rapid proliferation of various consumer products. This lab works towards the design and analysis of microwave circuits, components and sub-systems including micromachined devices for RF, millimeter wave applications etc. The lab is equipped with various instruments such as Microwave benches, Power supply, VSWR meter etc.

Digital Electronics Laboratory

This laboratory focuses on the design and analysis of different digital electronic circuits. The students connect and verify the basic operation of combinational and sequential logic circuits. Stress is on designing a digital circuit on bread board. The lab is equipped with various components like IC 7400, 7404, 7408, 7432, 7486, 74266, 74153, 74139, 8447, 8448, bread board and Multimeter. In this lab the students learn the basic operation of universal logic gates, digital counting and shifting operation.   

Project Lab

The project laboratory is place where the students apply their practical knowledge of different fields obtained from different labs. The students develop their Minor and Major projects based on different processor platforms like Arduino, Microcontroller 8051, PIC, AtMega 8 and AtMega 16 etc. The lab is equipped with full PCB fabrication setup like Drill Machine, Photoresist Tank, UV Exposure Tank, Etching Machine, Developer Tank, Soldering Iorn, Paste, PCB Cutter etc.

AV Lab

This laboratory provides training on various circuits of television. It provides ample opportunities for students to understand the circuitry of TV i.e. black & white  and colour television. This lab is equipped with tape recorder kit, mobile trainer kit, DTMF telephone trainer kit, black & white TV trainer kit and colour TV trainer kit. It provides opportunities for students to enhance their creativity on various TV circuits.

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