Cultural Diversity

Indian diversity has a great pull to galvanize people from all the corners of the world and make them feel at home. PIET is a bouquet that includes unique and great flowers of various cultures on its vibrant Campus. In the budding stage, PIET was only serving the academic and professional requirements of the country. But garnering confidence with the passage of time, PIET has made its importance felt in the international arena by extending great hands-on academic insight. PIET nurtures the dreams and aspirations of the global students with great concern today. PIET attracts students from Nepal, Bhutan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladesh, which brings a nice mix of students on Campus, and enables them at PIET to experience various cultures and practices. Drawn from various countries, students have found PIET a home away from home. The amiable and amicable PIET always assists the international students on the Campus in completing the formalities with Foreign Registration Office (FRO), affiliating University etc. The presence of International students in PIET is a kaleidoscope of cultures.

International Students Speak