About Alumni Association

Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology (PIET) was established by the Vidya Peeth Education Trust in the year 2006. With the passing of first batch alumni activities were initiated and subsequently matured in next two three years. The alumni activities have been there in the PIET soon after graduation of the first batch of students. Much later the alumni association has now been registered under the Department of Industries and commerce, Haryana under the Haryana Registration and Regulation of Societies Act 2012. Various activities were organised for the interaction of current students with the alumni, on all the convocation ceremonies Alumni interaction programs were organised in which current students and alumni participated in cultural and formal events and it was decided to register the association.

Main objective of PIET Alumni Association is to bridge the gap between the college and alumni.  They have the responsibility of keeping connect with the alumni and inform them about the current changes and achievements of the institute. PIET alumni are not only available in the country but throughout the world as many of the alumni are settled abroad. Alumni meetings are held at regular intervals and the PIET alumni are very active in interaction with present students for information sharing and learning. Besides discussing future plans various cultural activities are organised at the time of Alumni meet. Alumni also support the students for placements and internships. Various workshops, seminars, webinars have been conducted by the alumni for the development of the student community. Alumni network has a great benefit for current students. Alumni also donate their valuable time to offer career support to current students.

Alumni contribution happens in various financial & non-financial forms. For the benefit of the Juniors, alumni conducts mock personal interviews, discuss business models and entrepreneurship opportunities. Alumni visit campus at regular intervals to support the existing batch of students in planning and organizing events, extend support and guidance for functioning of various students clubs. Some alumni actively participates in social works and work for the development and support of society. These activities are related to creating awareness for various social evils like   dowry, female foeticide, etc. Thus they motivate students to follow their path for the betterment of the society. Alumni role is very important for the development of the institute. Alumni provide support in various aspects that are beneficial to the students, institute and the society. The alumni’s support and works towards the achievement of institutes is highly valued by the institute in achieving its vision and mission.


  • To strengthen the professional bonds between PIET and its Alumni and to encourage the Alumni to extend their cooperation in the progress and development of the Alma matter.
  • To conduct industrial motivational sessions for students to motivate for the self-employment and render assistance to establish industries/joint ventures.
  • To offer expertise, effort and assistant for the development of society.
  • To organize educational, cultural and competitive program for the betterment of students.
  • To share the knowledge and experiences of different fields with the students for their right directions in future.
  • To create awareness and addressing some of the social evils, such as female feticide, dowry, extravagant expenditure on social functions like marriages, empowerment of women in decision making etc.
  • The association shall not be used for the political purpose or any other anti-national activities.