Lab Applied Sciences and Humanities

Applied Sciences & Humanities is well-equipped with the most defined and technically modern common laboratories to provide a superior level of practical education to its students. These laboratories are specifically designed with excellent facilities to meet the requirements of AICTE. PIET keeps on updating its laboratories by adding advanced instruments from time to time.

Physics Lab

Physics is taught here which  aims at providing sound knowledge of the basics required for pursuing engineering in almost all branches. We focus on imparting practical as well as theoretical knowledge of the subject which includes-the application of lasers in communication, military and medical sciences. The Fundamentals of Fiber Optics is an essential requirement especially for communication engineering. Thus we impart all round knowledge of Physics at the fundamental level.

Chemistry Lab

Chemistry of basic and applied nature is taught to the fresher students. The environmental chemistry deals with the study of various chemical phenomena taking place in the environment which includes environmental chemistry in engineering, study related to water chemistry, corrosion and fuel etc. It also covers the good foundation for Electrical and Electronics engineering students; whereas organic chemistry & polymers chemistry forms the bases for chemical engineering students.

Communication Lab

Realizing the importance of Professional Communication for engineering students we try to nurture the student’s personality and communication skills. To enhance the communication skills we have a communication lab fully equipped with Audio and Video Devices, electronic equipments and other communication gazettes very useful to the student. It has a GD table to have a real Group Discussion Session.  These interactive features enable students to engross themselves in the language activities in their own style.

Thus our Communication Lab provides comprehensive placement assistance to the students from Resume writing to attending interviews. Moreover the video and audio content stored and supplemented with the soft ware, help the students to improve their pronunciation & educate the learners in a very practical way. An English faculty facilitates the language lab activities when students visit the lab. A lab demonstrator is available during the college hours to help the students in need of technical assistance.

Hardware : HP Desktop 2480, Dual Core based configuration, 160 GB HDD, 2GB RAM, DVD Combo Drive, 18.5″ TFT, HP Optical Mouse, Keyboard.

Software : E-learn to Speak software, Clarity Software, Grammar Spell Checker Software.

Computer Lab

The computers are the backbone of education. To meet the requirements of the students of all the departments ASH offers computer laboratory for a practical exposure and its basic operations essential for the fresher students. The Laboratory is well equipped with latest computers and is used to handle the lab sessions.

Computer Practice Laboratory focuses on teaching the C programming language. The nature of C language is emphasized in the wide variety of programs. With the knowledge of C language the students are benefitted with the means of writing efficient, maintainable, and portable code.

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