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Computer Labs

Computer Science Department is well-equipped with some of the most defined and technically modern laboratories to provide a superior level of practical education to its students. The laboratories are specifically designed with excellent facilities to meet the requirements of AICTE. Advanced equipments and hardware/softwares are added to the laboratories each year thus keeping them updated. We have Laboratories in the department namely:

Internet Lab

The computer centre of PIET is completely connected with excellent Wi-Fi network and serves as a backbone network for the labs of entire campus. It has advanced IT facilities with adequate systems loaded with licensed Operating Systems and Software Packages. The network infrastructure is being served by Lenovo Servers, Servers including Domain Controllers, DNS Servers, Mail Server, Proxy Server, Database Server and Print Server. The power infrastructure is supported with heavy duty uninterrupted power supply for all systems and servers to avoid data loss.The internet facility at PIET is one of its prominent features. The entire campus has broadband internet connection. Fast internet connectivity plays an important role in facilitating the academic as well as research and development activities for the faculty and students at the institute.Members of the PIET family can access the internet round the clock in the campus. The lab is equipped with latest multimedia facilities like electronic smart boards, language lab, multimedia LCD projectors, overhead projectors, scanners, DVD writers, laser printers, digital cameras etc. It also provides access to extensive software library.

Hardware Facilities

Server : Lenovo Server, Processor Dual Core 3.0 GHz, 4GB RAM, 2TB HDD, DVD WRITER, Running windows Server 2003
Desktop Computers : HP Desktop 3090, Dual Core based configuration, 320 GB HDD, 1GB RAM, DVD Combo Drive, 18.5″ TFT, HP Optical Mouse Keyboard – 103 Nos.
Router: Used for Internet by Internet Service Provider
Wi-Fi : TP Link, Micronet DLink wireless devices are used for Wi-Fi connectivity.

Programming Lab

The major role of this lab is to provide the high-quality fundamental knowledge of the programming language like C++ language. The university concludes the Object oriented subject curriculum to afford the basic knowledge of computers in the initial course module for every trade. This lab contains volumes of latest and updated software for ‘C++’, ‘C#’ & Python language programming.

We believe that writing computer programs is the fundamental act of computer science, and that programming languages are therefore our fundamental tool. We seek a deeper understanding of this fundamental tool and how it   should be used, and we seek to apply this understanding to the program design process, as well as to novel applications.

We take a multi-faceted approach to the study of programming languages and programming methodology, incorporating elements of design, mathematics, experimental science, and engineering. We conduct research on all aspects of programming, including the development of small and large programs the design, implementation, and analysis of programming languages, programming environment tools.

Advanced Technology Lab

Advance Technolgy lab includes usage of various software toolkits like visual studio, NetBeans, .NET & Java to develop different types of application software & website development.

Software Engineering Lab

This course helps to understand theories, methods, and technologies applied for professional software development. To find practical solutions to the problems solve specific problems alone or in teams, manage a project from beginning to end work independently as well as in teams define, formulate and analyse a problem. Rational Rose is tool with the help of which all experiments are performed.  Aim of this lab is to  present state-of-the art contents in SE and UML in all intelligent interactive manner through web. This well involve simulation of experiments, exercise to be solved by students.

Neural Network & Fuzzy Logic Lab

This lab is being designed with aim of exploring the basic concepts related to Neuron, working of Neuron, working of learning / training algorithm of different Neural network Architecture. This lab provides the platform to know the pattern classification, pattern recognition and data compression. 

The Neural Network & Fuzzy Logic Lab is devoted to the development of new methodologies and tools for pattern classification, recognition and data storage & compression.

Hardware lab

This lab is being designed with aim of exploring the operation of a personal computer, its organization, common terminology, and hands-on experience with real computers. It will build a base of knowledge that will provide the students with a solid foundation for using the personal computer. The basic aim of this lab is to familiar the students with operating systems installation and organization, and basic hardware troubleshooting, upgrades, and the essential concepts of networking.

The objective of this lab is to provide students with hands-on experience in Hardware’s, Software’s and Operating systems. This Lab is used for PC Assembly/Disassembly and HW/SW troubleshooting. It provides the knowledge about how to configure computer peripherals.

Networking lab

This lab is being designed with aim of exploring the basic concepts related to computer networking which provides the physical connectivity of computers. This lab provides the platform to know the data connectivity, data transfer and data security along with hands-on practical experience and soft-skills enhancement. 

The Computer Networks Laboratory is devoted to the development of new methodologies and tools for Internet-centered computer networks. This lab teaches us how to simulate different networks with open source network simulator NS2. Objective of this lab is provide hands on experience to student on various networking topologies, design, implementation & administration. Introduction to LAN, MAN & WAN technologies Routing,  Switching technologies & Wireless communication.

Database lab

This lab is being designed with aim of exploring the basic concepts of the database management system (DBMS) which is used for managing data. This lab contains Oracle, SQL server and HSQDB database application. All students are capable to apply SQL command on these databases.

This lab is being designed with aim of exploring the basic concepts of the simulation of the different aspects of the computer science. Objective of this lab is to provide hands-on experience to understand and be familiar in Oracle DB, SQL, Oracle Reports, Oracle Forms, PL/SQL, MySQL. It creates awareness of current issues effecting DBMS including XML.

Web designing lab

This lab is being designed with aim of exploring the basic concepts.

Web designing which helps the students to be familiar with the web of globalization. This lab work with various tools/languages to achieve this functionality such as – JSP. This introduces students to both the practice of web design and the basic principles of computer science. It covers not only web design but also current graphics and software tools. In this students will study about (and demonstrate) the use of publishing tools, web development and some multimedia tools. In this students will learn about HTML, XHTML & CSS, Photoshop, Flash, Adobe dream waver, Adobe Muse, Coda, WordPress & Joomla etc.

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