International Workshop on Mobile Multimedia Internet

About Workshop

This workshop is about the ever evolving wireless, the Internet, and the marriage between the two that we call the Mobile Multimedia Internet. It will adopt a problem-solving and research exploration based approach with numerous examples in each lecture and selected research issues and solution approaches designed to impart a hands-on experience to students. The workshop is also aimed at senior undergraduate and graduate students as well as post-doctoral researchers, working industry professionals, managers, and executives who need to gain enough expertise in this emerging and rapidly evolving discipline. For the expert researcher, the workshop carries adequate discussion of emerging topics pointing to current research and future possibilities.

Telecom carriers in India such as Reliance Jio, Vodafone, and Airtel are rolling out 4G VoLTE services and will likely be on their way to expand their offerings. Carriers in other parts of the world have begun rolling out 5G services. India needs highly skilled innovators, entrepreneurs, technologists, network architects, and researchers who will unleash the potential that India has to offer. This workshop, with its research and problem-based approach, and insights into the field of wireless evolution as it unfolds, is intended to prepare future technologists, entrepreneurs and innovators.

Objectives of Workshop

  • Impart to the participants an in-depth understanding of the evolving Mobile Multimedia Internet.
  • Impart an understanding of the various wireless networks and protocols, including 3G, 4G (LTE and LTE-A) wireless networks, wireless LANs, also known as the Wi-Fi networks, and Voice over IP (VoIP) networks, including Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and protocols as well as the emerging 5G wireless networks and beyond.
  • Impart an understanding of practical problems that arise in the design of wireless networks and architectures through solution approaches to solving the problems.
  • Expose the participants to the major standards organizations, ITU-T, IEEE, IETF
  • Stimulate the participants to engage in discussions of research issues, future innovative services, and entrepreneurial efforts that could be launched.

Contents of Workshop

  • Session 1: Introduction
    • Telephony, the Internet, Voice over IP
    • Cellular and Wireless Systems
    • The role of crowd, cloud and analytics
    • Problem Solving Session
  • Session 2: Fundamentals of Information Transmission
    • limits of Information Transmission
    • Coding for Data Compression and Error Correction
    • Protocols Problem Solving Session
  • Session 3: Evolution of Wireless Systems
    • GSM, GPRS, 3G, WCDMA. and 4G LTE,
    • LTE-A IP Multimedia Subsystem
    • Wi-Fi, WiMax
  • Session 4: Voice and Video over IP
    • 323
    • SIP
    • Problem Solving Session
  • Session 5: Mobility Management and Quality of Service
    • Mobility Management
    • Mobility Management in IP Networks (Mobile IP v4, v6, hierarchical)
    • Problem Solving Session
  • Session 6: The Mobile Multimedia Internet
    • IP Multimedia Subsystem & Architecture
    • Media Transport
    • Problem Solving Session
  • Session 7: 4G Wireless Systems
    • Introduction
    • Long Term Evolution (LTE) Network
    • Architecture and Protocols Radio Access
    • LTE-Advanced Voice and Video over LTE (e.g., VoLTE)
    • Carrier Aggregation LTE-A Relaying
    • Performance LTE Systems
    • Problems
  • Session 8: Social networking and The Mobile Multimedia Internet Introduction
    • User and community driven access networks
    • Crowd driven multimedia content
    • Open networking and open user groups
    • The mobile multimedia in the enterprise
    • The Mobile multimedia and video broadcasting/ streaming
    • Personalization, profiling, and analytics
    • Problems
  • Session: 9 5G and Beyond 4G
    • Introduction Moving onto 5G/XG?
    • Autonomic Communication
    • Ad-hoc, mesh, and Sensor Networking
    • Wi-Fi/Wireless/Wireline Integration
    • Cognitive Radio – spectrum sensing, channel estimation, and networking
    • Ongoing Standardization
    • Problems
  • Session 10: Research, Innovations and Future Directions
    • Internet of Things (IoT)
    • IoT-Based Smart Transportation Z& Shopping
    • Dynamic Spectrum Sharing
    • Wi-Fi/Wireless Integration

Speaker (Dr. Seshadri Mohan)

  • Mohan is currently a Professor in Systems Engineering Department at University of Arkansas, Little Rock, USA
  • Mohan holds Ph.D. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from McMaster University, Canada
  • Mohan was awarded Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India
  • Mohan holds fourteen patents in the area of wireless location management and authentication strategies as well as in the area of enhanced services for wireless
  • Mohan has authored/coauthored over 100 publications in the form of books, patents, and papers in refereed journals and conference proceedings with citations to his publications in excess of 5400.

Important Date

  • Last date for Registration: 4th August, 2018

Registration Fee

  • 2500/- per participant
  • Registration fee includes Breakfast and Lunch during the period of the STTP
  • Kindly email the Registration Form to the coordinators before the deadline.
  • Cheque /DD in favor of “Panipat Institute of Engineering & Technology” payable at Panipat/Samalkha
  • Online transaction can be made to Bank of India, MID-Corporate Panipat Branch through Account No. 675320110000006 of Panipat Institute of Engineering & Technology. IFSC Code is BKID0006753. The receipt of the deposition made should be deposited to registration desk at PIET


  • Accommodation for participants will be provided upon prior request at a nominal cost
  • The participants have to make their own travel arrangements and bear the expenses


  • Participants will be assigned one project based on above content which should be completed within one month.

Organizing Committee

Chief Patrons Sh. Hari Om Tayal (Chairman)

Sh. Suresh Tayal (Member  Secretary)

Sh. Rakesh Tayal (Member B.O.G)

Dr. Shakti Kumar (Director)

Convener Dr. Nidhi Singhal, Dr. D. P. S. Chauhan, Dr. S.C.Gupta & Dr. Devendra Prasad
Co-Convener Dr. Hari Singh Rawat, Mr. Sunil Dhull, Mr. Dinesh Verma, Ms. Swati Gupta & Mr. Rattan Deep Aneja
Organizing Secretary Dr. Anju Bhandari Gandhi
Executive Members Ms. Anjali, Ms. Anshul Vinayak, Mr. Matish Garg, Ms. Yogita Gulati, Mr. Sudhir Mahajan, Mr. Vishal Jain,  Dr. Ruchira Aneja, Mr. Arun Rana,  Mr. Abhishek Sharma, Mr. Sunil Kadyan, Ms. Nisha Chugh & Ms. Reema Sharma

Please Contact for further Information

Ms. Swati Gupta,

Head of Department (ECE)

Mob : 9896245070

E-mail : [email protected]

Mr. Rattan Deep Aneja,

Head of Department (IT)


E-mail : [email protected]

Dr. Anju Bhandari Gandhi,

Associate Professor (CSE)


E-mail : [email protected]

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