HR Bingo

The Department of Management studies organized an activity aligned with the concept “Learn with Fun” i.e. HR BINGO on 2nd of May 2020. The activity was basically based upon learning core HR terms in a funny way. It also facilitates the clarity in communication and enables students to think of their own. The aim of the activity was to strengthen the basic HR concept of the students. The game bingo is quite popular because of its simplicity, the fun involved and besides this it promotes a culture of healthy competition. In HR Bingo instead of calling numbers the participants were asked to call for HR terminology. Everyone gets the same words but in different order. Each time the presenter calls out a word, the student searches for the right square on his card, and strikes it off and like bingo whosoever is going to have full house is the winner. The students enjoyed this learning activity thoroughly and participation was too good. Mr. Jatin Mongia of MBA second semester was the winner. Overall it was a great learning experience for the students. The activity was designed by Ms. Kanika Garg, AP, Department of Management Studies. Student Coordinators: Ms. Bhavya, Ms. Tanya, Ms. Karuna and Mr. Veer from MBA second semester managed it.

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