High Impact Presentations

Presentations that leave a lasting impact, require many elements to be woven together. A high impact presentation is a winning blend of substance and style. On 29th January 2022, THE FINISHING SCHOOL, DEPARTMENT OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES conducted a session on the topic “High Impact Presentations.” The need for proficiency in delivering High Impact Presentations has always been there and this need has been and will be felt increasingly in our workplaces. The reasons are obvious to an observant eye, as digital technology pervades our lives; our attention spans are reducing. To a presenter, this makes it even more challenging to sustain audience interest. Leaders take decisions based on the facts of the case and the way it is presented to them. So, proficiency in delivering High Impact Presentations is in effect, and imperative for all.


  • Great design and great presentation are equally important.
  • Behind every powerful public speaker and presenter, there is tireless effort.
  • Well-structured content makes concepts and messages crystal clear.
  • Know your audience and keep them in mind while preparing for presentations.
  • A positive tone falls pleasantly on the ears and improves attention. Variation in speed and appropriate use of pause brings variety to the presentation and makes it appealing.
  • Stories and humour are leveller, the best way to be part of the audience and yet stay apart. They bring variety and bounce to a presentation.
  • A confident body language, posture, eye contact, positive facial expression all these contribute to creating impact.

The session winds down with fantastic learnings for the students. High impact presentations are not easy to learn and deliver. However, a determined effort on all the learnings from the session will bring out the desired result.

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