Guest Lecture on Succeeding in an Experience Economy On June 18, 2022

A Report on Guest Lecture on Succeeding in an Experience Economy

On June 18, 2022, Dr. Supriya Sharma, Ambassador and Executive Director of Brain Glow Business Services in Venice, Italy, delivered an online guest lecture to MBA students on the topic of “Succeeding in an Experience Economy.” The lecture aimed to explore the concept of an experience economy and how businesses can succeed in this environment.

Dr. Sharma began her lecture by discussing the emergence of the experience economy and how it is transforming the way businesses operate. She explained that in an experience economy, customers are looking for more than just products or services; they are looking for unique and memorable experiences. She emphasized the importance of understanding the customer journey and designing experiences that meet their needs and expectations.

Dr. Sharma discussed the key elements of a successful experience economy strategy. She highlighted the importance of creating a strong brand identity, building relationships with customers, and designing experiences that are personalized and memorable. She also discussed the role of technology in creating these experiences, and how businesses can use data and analytics to better understand their customers and design experiences that meet their needs. She discussed how a major airline used a personalized experience to build customer loyalty, and how a luxury hotel chain used technology to create a seamless and personalized guest experience. Dr. Sharma’s online guest lecture was insightful and thought-provoking, providing MBA students with valuable insights into the concept of an experience economy and the strategies that businesses can use to succeed in this environment. The lecture provided students with practical advice for designing and implementing successful experience economy strategies, as well as an understanding of the challenges that businesses are likely to face in this rapidly changing environment.

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