Guest Lecture on Petroleum Conservation and Environmental Challenges -2K19

NAME OF EVENT: Guest Lecture on Petroleum Conservation and Environmental Challenges.

DATE O F EVENT: 13th Nov. 2019(Wednesday)
RESOURCE PERSON: Mr. Roop Narain Ratawal (Additional Director NR), Mr Rahul Saini (PCRA Consultant)
VENUE:1st Floor, C-Block, C-204(Seminar Hall), PIET

The objective of the Guest Lecture is to impart knowledge about petroleum conservation and Environmental chalenges due to increasing Carbon Emission.

He shared his knowledge in the area of petroleum conservation and Environmental Changes due to Carbon Emission he has provided solution how we can reduce the carbon Emisssion and how the LED bulb saves Lots of Energy and indirectly helps in creating Less Polution. The presentation and interaction of the speaker was very effective. The students interacted enthusiastically and the resource person answered their queries and cleared their doubts.

The programme started with the welcome note by Dr. Sunil Dhull (H.O.D), Mechanical Engineering Department and introduced the guests. The session came to an end with the vote of thanks by Mr. Virender Upneja (Assistant Professor ME).

Students Listening To Mr. Rahul Saini (PCRA Consultant)


By successfully attending this guest lecture, students will be able to:
1. Describe how a Save Fuel.
2. Describe Carbon Emission and its consequences.
3. Describe how to Calculate Losses.
4. Describe Effect of Green House Gasses.
5. Describe Alternatives in the coming years for Fuel.
Participants: Second Year and Third Year B.tech Mechanical and Diploma Mechanical Engineering Students.

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