Guest lecture on 15th October, 2020 by Ms. Guneet Kaur, Alumni- IIM Lucknow, on “Emotional Intelligence”

Daniel Goleman quoted that “CEOs are hired for their intellect and business expertise and fired for a lack of emotional intelligence. ‘And to make the students stand strong in all the aspects THE FINISHING SCHOOL OF DMS organized an expert guest lecture on “Emotional Intelligence” on 15th of October for MBA students. Ms. Guneet Kaur, MBA Alumni, IIM Lucknow took this session with the following aims

  • making the student understand their fears, Practice empathy
  • Be yourself and manage your thoughts
  • Remaining calm and composed during a crisis

She made the session interactive and interesting by asking the students to self assess by providing some questions to check their Emotional Intelligence. Students were able to know themselves better and were even provided with plenty of solutions to strike a right balance of emotions. Ms.Kaur covered every aspect of the topic by discussing about emotional literacy, feelings wheel, amygdala etc. This session helped the students to understand their emotions and develop a new response to negative feelings like sadness, anger etc. After the session students were able to differentiate between low and high self esteem. In addition to this students gained various ways to take the charge of their emotions.

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