Group Discussion Series

The Finishing School launched a Group Discussion (GD) series where 15 students from the Department of Management Studies’ 1st and 2nd years participated. The major goal of this initiative is to develop students’ communication abilities, critical thinking skills, and help them prepare for their future endeavors. This series will assist them in learning more about the GD topic, as well as developing and accumulating knowledge about it. It will aid in the development of their soft skills too. The discussion of THEME 1 took place in two rounds in the conference hall on 6th December:

Round 1: The participants were supposed to present their views on the topic ‘Development Alternatives for the Rural Economy’ given to them in advance.

Round 2: On-the-spot topic ‘Impact Of COVID-19 On Indian Economy’ was given by the session chair to discuss and students were given 60 seconds to think over the same before beginning with the discussion. The group discussion lasted for about 25-30 minutes. The participants presented themselves in a very professional and courteous manner. The participants were judged on the following parameters: leadership, content clarity, confidence, participation & research on the topic. The Group Discussion came to a successful conclusion with the remarks from the judges.

Under this series, Group Discussion on Theme 2 “Commercialization of Healthcare-Good or bad” was conducted on 9th December followed by On The Spot topic” Impact of OTT on Indian Culture”.

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