Department of Management Studies

Movie Premiered – TARLA

On August 24, 2023, the Department of Management Studies continued its annual tradition of blending enjoyable movies with enlightening management lessons at the lively event known as “FILMAROBICS.” Students were treated to an extraordinary educational opportunity, where the dynamic medium of film was harnessed for the fourth consecutive year to impart pertinent knowledge.
Selected for the occasion, “TARLA,” an exceptional biographical portrayal highlighting the journey of culinary maestro Tarla Dalal, provided the perfect canvas for exploring concepts of innovation, collaboration, and individual growth.
A collective of 102 students took part in the event, actively engaging in discussions about the movie’s teachings while it unfolded, transforming them into enthusiastic contributors rather than mere onlookers. Within the seminar hall, animated debates and contemplative conversations flourished, as students seamlessly linked the movie’s storyline to real-life management scenarios.

Winners of Filmarobics, 2023
Best Movie Critic- Mr. Aman
Best Innovative Maestro – Ms. Priyal

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