Expert lecture on Social Media Marketing & Customer Engagement, conducted on 10th June, 2022.

Social Media Marketing and Customer Engagement

An expert talk on Social Media Marketing and Customer Engagement was organized by Dr. Anju, Associate Professor and Mr. Vikas Nain, Assistant Professor, Department of Management Studies on 10th June, 2022 in hybrid mode. The guest speaker invited for the session was Mr. Vikas Mangla, Founder and CEO of Digital ROI, Pune.
The emphasis of the session was to understand the concept of digital marketing, social media marketing, difference between paid and organic marketing. The session also involved implementation of available free tools to check the digital presence of different e-commerce companies such as amazon, nykaa, flipkart etc.
Mr. Mangla also discussed different types of marketing such as google ads, shopping ads and text ads that are done on the digital platform. The difference between sponsored and original ads on platforms like facebook, google etc was also highlighted in the session.
At the end, the session included practical assignments for the students which involved checking the traffic on the website of a particular company, distribution of the traffic on the basis of demographic characteristics, calculating the leads that were generated from that traffic and final no of sales generated from the leads. The exercise also involved comparison of 4 e-commerce companies on the basis of traffic generated on their website and the result revealed that Amazon is the most visited website with highest traffic amongst others followed by flipkart.

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