The Department of Management Studies organized an Experiential Learning activity based on ‘Brand Wars in Marketing Management’ under the guidance of Mr Vikas Nain, Assistant Professor DMS and Dr Anju, Associate Prof. DMS on 18th May 2022. They proposed this innovative idea to engage the students in such a simulative manner that it can inculcate experiential learning in them.

Consequently to the guidance given, there were PPT Presentations by Mr.Rudraksh and Mr Shubham on the ‘Apple versus Samsung’, Ms.Lavisha and Mr Pulkit Dhingra on QSR top players Macdonalds, KFC and Burger King and Mr Vivek and Mr Shubham on Vodafone Idea , Airtel and Jio and Ms Yashika and Mr Vishant on Cola Wars. The students explained the World’s Greatest Brand Wars through the practical examples and strategies being used in the industries.

Thereafter, there was the Panel discussion on Marketing 4.0: Style meets Substance was held.

The activity was thoroughly judged and examined by the Proficient Professors- Dr. Saurabh Garg, Dr Dalbir, Dr. Sandeep and three brilliant final year students Mr. Vivek, Mr. Kamal and Ms. Ruchi

Ms. Chhavi was declared as the ‘Best Speaker’ & Ms. Yashika and Mr Vishant as the ‘Best Presenters’ team.

The Department of Management Studies is privileged and proud at the moment, and grateful to the worthy Management and the Director for their progressive outlook that always favors innovation and development.

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