Education 4.0

AI Evaluation System

Handwritten Answer sheets Assessment Tool:

We at Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology, has adopted the AI based method for internal assessment examination evaluation. The method adopted is quite fast than conventional method of evaluation as it consumes less time for evaluation. Employing the rubrics for solution of question paper enables to evaluate the answer sheets in a small fractions of time. For this method at first answer sheets are scanned via ADF scanner, followed by selection of exam and student set, the evaluation process is started.

After mapping of student answer sheets and question paper, it becomes easier to see the answers of all student set for a particular question which is a remarkable feature of this system as it reduces the problem of context switching. Another beauty of this system is we can see the average marks for the particular set of questions and question paper as well. To add on this system also able to depict the total number of students who appeared with respect to strength of students in that particular class.

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