Education 4.0

Since inception in 2006, we at Panipat Institute Engineering and Technology (PIET) has evolved as a trendsetter in the domain of Technical Education and New age Academic Excellence. We have created a symbiotic learning environment for the Academia and the student community. We Established Centre of Excellence with Intel, Dell, Sukam, UC Berkley, ChungBuk National University, Institute of Water Sciences Australia, Interactiv CoE for BIM Technology for Civil Engineering to understand the theoretical aspects with current and future industrial trends and patterns. Understanding the importance of the change that sweeps across the globe, we have included Enterprise 4.0 in teaching methodology.

We believe in providing our students with not just the theoretical knowledge but give them maximum practical exposure to make them industry ready. The revolution is changing the world around us. Artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, big data and the Internet of Things will combine to impact on jobs and industry. We have a holistic approach to quality education, offering cutting-edge learning frame work supported by a best-in-class infrastructure and intellectual capital.

With a vision to be globally recognized and a mission to impart knowledge, skills and excellent training, we make our students all-rounders. Students at PIET are able to adjust with any technology from blockchain to artificial intelligence or other internet languages.

Education 4.0 Initiatives :
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