Lecture Plan

D. Pharmacy 1st year

(ER20-11T) – Pharmaceutics – I
(ER20-12T )- Pharmacutical Chemistry
( ER20-13T) – Pharmacognosy
(ER20-14) – Human-Anatomy and Physiology
(ER20-15T ) – Social Pharmacy

D. Pharmacy 2nd year

2131 – Pharmaceutics – II
2132 – Pharm. Chem. – II
2133 – Pharmacology and Toxicology
2134 -Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence
2135 – Drug Stores and Business Management
2136 – Hospital and clinical Pharmacy

B. Pharmacy-Ist semester

BP101 T- Human Anatomy and Physiology I
BP102 T- Pharmaceutical Analysis I
BP103 T- Pharmaceutics I
BP104 T- Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry
BP105 T- Communication skills
BP106 RBT- Remedial Biology
BP106 RMT- Remedial Mathematics

B. Pharmacy-2nd semester

BP 201T-Human Anatomy and Physiology
BP 202T-Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry –I
BP 203T-Biochemistry and Clinical Pathology
BP 204T-Pathophysiology
BP 205T-Computer Applications in Pharmacy
BP 206T-Environmental Sciences

B. Pharmacy-3rd semester

BP 301T & 305P-Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry-II
BP 302T & 306P-Physical Pharmaceutics
BP 303T & 307P-Pharmaceutical Microbiology
BP 304T & 308P-Pharmaceutical Engineering
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