Pharmaceutics division is engaged in formulation, Optimization & evaluation of various conventional (like tablets, capsules, syrup, ointment, creams etc.) and novel (like microspheres, nano – particles, liposomes etc.) dosage forms. The students get familiarize with functions of various modern equipments like. Friability tester, Disintegration test apparatus, Dissolution test apparatus, Autoclave, Laminar air flow etc.


In Pharmacology lab students perform various tests on human blood like RBC count, ESR, Haemoglobin estimation, TLC, DLC etc. They also study the pharmacological activity (like analgesic, anti inflammation, muscle-relaxant properties, antipyretic etc.) of different drug molecules on animals through various models & instruments. To perform above mentioned studies this lab is equipped with various sophisticated instruments like Actophotometer, analgesiometer, Organ bath, Eddie’s hot plate, Poll climbing apparatus, Pharmacology software, Different charts, models and slides related to our body systems etc.


In Pharmacognosy Lab. Pharmacognostic and Phyochemical Screening, Extraction and Isolation of secondary plant metabolites and standardization of herbal drug has been done. For this the lab has various equipments like Thin Layer Chromatography, Soxhlet apparatus, Clevenger’s apparatus, compound microscope and projection microscope, Camera Lucida, Hot air oven, Weighing balance and charts related to microscopy & morphology of medicinal drugs.


In Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab. Identification, Synthesis and Analysis (both qualitative & quantitative) of different organic and inorganic Drug Molecules have been done. This lab also provides for assay of inorganic pharmaceuticals and limit tests for impurities.
The lab is equipped with Fluorimeter, Colorimeters, pH Meters, Melting point apparatus, distillation assemblies, Electronic, Anylytical and Digital balance, polarimeter etc.


Machine room provides equipment and facility for preparation and evaluation of tablets, capsules, ampoules, ointment tubes etc. For this the room has Tablet Punching Machine, Tablet Coating Pan, Ampoule clarity test apparatus, Ball Mill, Ampoule filling and sealing machine, Disintegrator, Ointment filling machine, Bottle filling machine, Tube crimping machine etc.


To be aware of the recent innovations in computer technology has become pre – requisite for any field of knowledge. It is all the more true in the case of pharmacy field.
The department has a fully air – conditioned modern and spacious computer lab. with latest model of computer systems loaded with latest software packages to cater the need of pharmacy students in the field of computer education. The students gain knowledge about the latest advancements and innovations in the field of pharmacy by using internet facilities provided by the department.

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