Theory of Machine Lab

Belt and pulley frictional apparatus, Cam and follower apparatus, Open coil helical spring, Moment disc apparatus, Frictional apparatus (horizontal & vertical), Hook joint apparatus, Inversion of single slider crank mechanism, Polygon law of forces apparatus, Screw & nut jack mechanism apparatus,  Bell crank lever apparatus.

Material Science Lab

Micro-structural microscope (600×200), Polishing machine, Muffel furnace, Fatique test machine, Cold setting moulding, Itching agents for different materials, Models of crystal structure, Model of crystal imperfection.

Mechanics of Solid Lab

Universal testing machine and perform the tensile, compression & bending tests, Brinell, Rockwell & Vickers hardness testing machine,Impact tests (Izod & Charpy), torsion testing machine, Worm & Worm Wheel, Screw And Nut Of Jack, Double Purchase Winch Crab, Fatigue Testing Machine.

Fluid Mechanics and Machines Lab

Impact of jet over vanes apparatus, Orifice meter & venturimeter apparatus, coefficient of discharge of Notch (V and Rectangular types), friction factor for the pipes apparatus, minor losses due to sudden enlargement, sudden contraction and bends apparatus. Reynolds number apparatus, Bernoulli’s Theorem apparatus. Centrifugal pump apparatus, Pelton Wheel Turbine Apparatus, Francis turbine apparatus, Kaplan turbine apparatus, Hydraulic ram apparatus, Reciprocating pump apparatus, Gear pump test rig apparatus.

Dynamics of Machine Lab

Balancing of rotary mass apparatus, Epicycle gear train apparatus, Universal governor apparatus, Motorized gyroscope apparatus, Whirling of shaft apparatus, Flywheel apparatus, Bifilar suspension, Different types of breaks.

Production Technology Lab & AMT Lab

Milling machine, surface grinder, CNC lathes Trainer, TIG/MIG welding set, Lathe machines, Shaper Machine, drilling machines. Electric discharge machine. Arc Welding.

Internal Combustion Engine Lab

Single cylinder 4-stroke diesel engine with rope dynamo meter test rig, Morse test multi cylinder 4-stroke petrol engine test rig, Double stage air compressor test rig, Battery ignition system with power supply Magneto ignition system, Ac pump actual cut section, Su pump actual cut section, Master cylinder actual cut section, Rear axle with differential actual cut section, Motor car steering model, Differential model, Centrifugal blower test rig.

Heat Transfer Lab

Composite Wall Apparatus, Insulating Material For Calculating Thermal Conductivity Apparatus,  Stefan’s Boltzmann Constant  Apparatus,  Pin Fin Free And Forced  Convection  Apparatus,   Heat Exchanger,  Forced  Convection  Heat Transfer Cylindrical Surface  Apparatus, Thermal Conductivity Of An Insulating Powder  Apparatus,  Emissivity Measurement Test Apparatus.

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Lab

Electrolux  refrigerator  test rig, Model of semi sealed compressor, Model of open type reciprocating compressor, Model of hermetically sealed compressor, Model of rotary compressor, Model of automobile a/c compressor with clutch, Model of vacuum pump, Refrigeration test rig, Ice plant trainer,  Water cooling tower.

Tribology and Mechanical Vibration lab

Journal bearing apparatus, Universal vibration apparatus.

Computer Aided Design lab

34 Computers with design software’s.

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