Mechanical Engineering

Clubs And Societies

Robotics Club

PIET is a platform for undergraduate students that provide them opportunity to work on innovative and interdisciplinary solutions in robotic and mechatronic applications.  The club also creates an opportunity for students to learn and teach engineering and leadership skills.

Design Club

PIET is a learning platform that helps the students to develop creativity, designing and problem solving skills. These skills help the students to improve their capabilities in job and professional performance.

Mechrous Society

Mechrous Society of PIET own society was founded and developed by the esteemed faculty and students of Mechanical Engineering Department, which connects with the best cream of mechanical engineers professionals career, and evolve the students in professionalism by getting involved. By joining Mechrous Society community of engineers, student can learn new technologies, keep their skills up to date, explore solutions to technical problems and for their betterment. It regularly plans and offers many career development activities such as aptitude training, career enhancement sessions, resume/recruitment boards, and resume database services, professional development seminars, as well as workshops and professional presentation programs.  It works as a helping hand in transforming the theoretical aspects to practical needs of the society.

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