About Us (Department of Mechanical Engineering)

Mechanical Engineering is perhaps the most diverse and versatile among engineering disciplines Industries need proficient design engineers and skilled professionals for aerospace, automotive transportation, power generation, refrigeration, air-conditioning, biomechanics, mining, metallurgy, and manufacturing domains. Mechanical engineers also play a role as project engineer, process engineer, product design engineer, stress analyst, NVH analyst, mechanical integration engineer, research scientist, etc. The Mechanical Engineering Department at PIET provides a favorable environment to learn and practice the skills required in all these industrial segments.

Since inception, the Department of Mechanical Engineering at PIET is known and recognized nationally and internationally for innovation and research in the field of mechanical engineering. It provides best in class qualified engineers and researchers who shall be valuable resources for the industry and society. The department has won many laurels after procuring successive university positions regularly and consecutively. The students of the department are placed in multi-national companies and are proving their mettle not only in industries but also in research activities. The increasing share in the university positions has become a perennial feature of the department. We offer B. Tech. course and Diploma in Mechanical Engineering.

Mechanical Engineering brings together best practices in curriculum, pedagogy, professional development and research. The demand for mechanical engineers will continue for the next many years.  Join the program and become tomorrow’s responsible engineers.

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