Program Specific Objectives (PSOs)

Program Specific Objectives

On completion of the MBA program the graduates will have

  • Learnt how to prepare and deliver an effective business document and presentation along with mastery over soft skills and business etiquette.
  • Well versed with the corporate finance, budgeting, costing, international finance, investment & securities, international financial management and working capital management.
  • Learnt to utilize quantitative analysis methods to identify salient information and trends in data.
  • Understood the concepts of information technology (IT) and how IT can improve organizational performance.
  • Ability to explore emerging trends in business and provide innovative solutions to real time business problems within financial, legal, environmental, social and ethical constraints.
  • Skills required for integrating concepts from various disciplines to identify and develop business strategies.
  • Well versed in marketing and related subjects and their practical application in actual business environment.
  • Conceptual understanding of economic issues and challenges faced by an organization.
  • Basic knowledge of organizational structure and organizational behaviour, managing human resources at workplace, labour and industrial laws.